I HATE sellers like this on ebay!!!!!

  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=6888587220

    This is a auction for a Theda bag that is 1000% fake...I told the seller that it is fake and she said to me

    I do not sell fake items, if you look at my feedback you will see that... I assume this is also a real bag. I bought it from someone like you on e-bay. Thank you for inquiring

    What a :censor: *****
    I told her I was interested in another auction she had BUT NOW FORGET IT...:rant:
    You all should tell her the bag is fake MAYBE she will get it;)

    (I most be pmsing now Sorry)
  2. OMG...I will tell her and eBay..
  3. I'm not an expert on LV bags, so I'm just wondering how you can tell it's a fake? (Is it because of the price listed?) eBay is so tricky! TIA!
  4. That's a bad fake, too :yucky:
  5. And a BAD fake at that! $399? Give me a break:weird:
  6. I just sent her a message. We'll see what she says.
  7. I have this bag PLUS IT IS JUST SO BAD!!!!and the price for SUCH A BAD FAKE makes me sick
    I told eBay also BUT THEY WON'T DO :censor: I bet

    Its one thing if the seller said to me "REALLY WOW I HAD NO IDEA it was a fake"!!!!!!!!!! But to say what she said like she KNOWS IT IS REAL get me pissed....PLUS NO where in her auction does she say it is Authentic/Real She knows its fake I bet....
  8. done!
  9. It's fugly fake...I am looking forward hearing from her...either she will take it down or Ebay will...
    I told her in very friendly manner..we will see..
  10. Did LV make a Theda bag in regular mono canvas? The only ones I've ever seen were multicolor.

  11. Yes:biggrin:
  12. ooohhhhh! she wrote back: here's what she said:

    I am removing it from my list. I am going to try to get my money back from the man I bought it from on e-bay. Thanks for the comments. Regards, Victoria

    Wow, we'll have to check though!!
  13. im sending her a message also. lets give her a wake up call
  14. Retail: How much is a theda PM and GM, respectively?

  15. Was there a PM and GM?? I thought it was only one size?? Maybe I'm confused. Anyone??
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