I Hate Poly Chips

  1. I won't continue to shout , is it just me or does everybody hate poly chips , just emptied some into a black bag outside , big mistake , wind caught them , i now have 10 millon of them floating around with an anicent golden retriever chasing after them , puppyhood returning !
    WHAT A MESS :cursing:
  2. Yep, I hate 'em too. I always use bubble wrap and tissue paper when I send my items out. Much less of a mess. (oh god, that rhymes.)
  3. MIL always uses them when she sends stuff. they are such a mess.. who invented them>?!?!?!?!?
  4. I hate them but might be forced to use them if I run out of airbags. I recycle them. I would never buy them. They are a pain.
  5. HAHA, I don't think anyone ever buys them... they just keep getting passed around from one person to the next because no one wants them. They are SO BAD for the environment too. Except the starched based ones that would dissolve in water.
  6. I hate them too. They get everywhere and are bad for the environment. I use those air bag things too.

  7. exactly :tup: .... lol, unless of course someones sends me a box full of those thingies :graucho: then I send them on :sweatdrop: it's kinda like those chain letters :p

    my cats absolutely love them though :rolleyes: .... they always watch when I'm opening the mail and as soon as there's a box with poly chips it's kitty play heaven .... they steal them one by one and hide them in the farest corner underneath my bed
  8. My cats love them. I don't!
  9. that makes me feel better , glad i am not the only one . They drive me insane !
  10. I call that Ghost Poo. . . is that what you're talking about?
    That's squishy peanut packing stuff?
  11. ^^ 'ghost poo'? That is such a great description Swanky - thank you for a giggle!
  12. I hate it too!! I mean, out of all the things to pack with, why these?? I hate pulling something out of box only to end up with poly chips stuck all over me...and then I have to crawl around the floor picking them up.
  13. Yeah I don't like it either..it's easy to reuse though, I just send my own extra in packages, I don't throw it away. :tup:
  14. I hate them too for several reasons.

    But they never fail to make me laugh.


    Because they never fail to get my 13lb cat rolling around in the box they come in like a wild animal!!!! She goes crazy!!!

    She thinks they're so fun and it's great exercise for her. I let her play with them a while and watch her to make sure she doesn't eat them (that's something I have to do, hense the 13lbs:p) and then I try and throw them away, but it never fails, she always ends up with at least one after I've done the trash!!!!!!
  15. One thing you can do, is put them in a knotted dry cleaning bag & form them around your item. Then the buyer just has to yank the plastic out.

    I don't do alot of dry cleaning but if I get the real lightweight bags in my packages, I save them for this purpose.