I hate paypal.

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  1. I bought a bag from a nice Pfer on eBay and paid her through paypal last night. And this morning I receive the email from paypal saying they have put in "limited account access" on my paypal. I am registered with paypal australia and currently live abroad. They won't release the money so seller is going to put in dispute and relist the item. I don't blame her but I am so mad at paypal for doing this. I called them twice and I told them, if I can't use the paypal to do my transactions then I want to close the account...and they said I cannot close the account. What the hell:cursing: So they get to keep all my bank details and I have this account I can't use. I cannot believe it. What is the big problem with residing somewhere but the country you registered in....alot of people move abroads:confused1: I feel that my paypal is linked to my Australian bank and if I have funds and seller agrees to ship...they have no right to decide if I can buy or not on eBay. Sorry I just need to rant. And I would appreciate any advice on how to close this paypal account. I am so mad at them, I don't want to deal with paypal ever again.
  2. Oh, sorry about your PayPal... My boyfriend just got the same thing with his PayPal last night.

    All the payments we submitted are holding by PayPal. During the restrict, we can't close, send nor receive payment.

    So, the best we ( you, too ) can do is follow their instruction.
    We click 'Resolution' as their instruction then we change password & secret Q&A. We also fax them my boyfriend's ID card & billing statement but they said they need 5 days to review.

    So bad... How to explain to our sellers?? We told our sellers, we've made payments.

    I think you'd follow their instruction then close your acc. after that...
  3. Thanks lvgodiva. I changed the passwords and secret questions but I can't do the faxing of the utility bill they wanted. I am residing in the Caribbean so I don't have any utility bills from Australia to show. The thing is I emailed them twice before all these problems and told them that I am moving oversea and what to do with my paypal. They said, I can still use the paypal and not the confirmed address...and make my own arrangement with seller (s) to ship it to new address. So I am shocked to learnt that they did this to me. I find this very embarassing, its not as if I am using stolen account or stolen CC or not have enough money in my bank account. ATM they are also holding my money I submitted, so I hope they will put it back in my account...I don't want 1050 USD sitting with paypal. I am so upset and angry.
  4. I know what you feel about it... They make us such a thief or other thatb bad things...

    Ooh, it's really wasting time and money to fax them documents..!

    you know, I just received their response 10 minutes ago and they asked to fax more and more documents!

    First, they asked for:
    1. ID card
    2. Billing statement
    3. My billing statement ( as my boyfriend used my ID to place bids )

    We faxed them all the documents and I remember to mark my boyfriend billing statement as my boyf. 's credit card is a additional card from her mom. I even write onto billing statement " additional" and give mark around my boyf's credit card number ( he got one billing with her mom, not separately ).

    Now, PayPal asked that the documents we faxed aren't in my boyf.'s name..!

    OMG, how stupid & blind them?? Did they see all my marks around credit card statement to show it's additional card??

    They asked for another billing statement..! How to cut additional card from first card??

    Really really hassle us...
  5. Ugh. That happened to me and my BF. The reason?

    We were selling "risky items" such as cell phones and True Religion jeans.

    I jumped through hoops for them for 3 months until they had no excuse. Then they said his little brother had a negative balance and we won't get our money (almost $10K between the 2 of us) until he pays Paypal. THen they lock our accounts for 180 days.

    Fun stuff. I hate them!
  6. thats frusterating... wish I had some advice.
  7. It sounds like they restricted you because you have different addresses. It may be an incovenience, but I believe its PayPal looking out for you and your sellers. If you have an Australian address and another in the Caribbean, that may scream money laundering to PayPal.

    It almost sounds like youre mad at your seller and you shouldnt be. Its a business transaction and since you cant complete it with the sellers terms, she should file a dispute and mutually cancel it. Then she can get her eBay fees back and relist the item. Then everyone can go on with their lives.

    I hope it works out for you!
  8. No Donna. I am not mad at the seller. I am not sure what made you think that I am mad at the seller??? It is not her fault...not even her problem. If anything I feel awful that she have wasted her time selling the bag to me in the first place. I went into the transaction fully aware that seller wants immediate payment which I did. She have my sincere apologies.

    Money laundering??? that is something new, I guess I should be grateful to paypal for not saying it to my face. If I have loads of "dirty" money then I probably fly myself to NY to buys bags in all the colors rather than buy them from ebay.

    I only posted this because I hope someone out there have similar experience with paypal and share few words of wisdoms..how to close the account.

    Thanks to lvgodiva, lizlikeshugs and Peachy2000 for your replies.

    lvgodiva...I hope everything turns out well for you :smile: Now they want me to fax documents. One of the doument they want from me is my recent utility bill, where on earth am I going to get one when I am not living there.
  9. I think I just read somewhere that PP upgraded software which somehow messed up some peoples' accounts and restricted them for various strange reasons. You might want to look for information on this.
  10. Sorry to hear of your trouble.
    is it possible that where you are paypal does not provide services?

    In my opinion there is no way they are protecting anyone other than themselves.... they are worried that if something goes wrong with the transaction they cant get money from you - do you use a card or do you use automatic bank transfer? my advice is to use cards bec my bank for some reason stopped transferring funds (and won't explain why - they just blame paypal.... all the same in the end...) so I got a negative balance.

    also, did you change your paypal address to the Carribean one (wow, great place to be!!!!!)? I mean how do they know where you are?

    I had the most exasperating experience with paypal, even though it was my fault to begin with... but they are not helpful.

    Also, lizlikeshugs, What???????? sorry but that is just unbelievable? I am sure that is not legal - to restrict your account bec of your BF's little brother.....
  11. I used the money my saving account. Paypal found out I was here because I told them that I have moved....when I tried to changed my confirmed shipping address and they replied that I cannot changed my confirmed address but I can still buy and pay for them via paypal and to make my own arrangement with the seller (and they won't be responsible for missing parcels etc etc..which is fine with me, I was willing to take the responsibilities regarding the risks associated with shipping to diff address) and then when I actually bought stuffs and tried to pay for them...they froze my account. I would never have gone through paying using paypal if I knew I can't access the account from outside the country I registered in. I feel like I let down the seller when she clearly stated she needed the immediate paypal payment in her listing....so I was the one who can't go through with the transaction :crybaby: Seller is one of the nicest PFer and the whole transaction is just a waste of time and energy for her.