i hate paypal


Oct 19, 2006
they are so horrible. i sold this lady a pair of marc jacobs flats and 2 months later she didnt want them so she filed with paypal and they sided with her and she sent them back to me and they were all WORN!!!!!!!!! i hate paypal so much. I tried to tell them how worn they were and they didnt care...


Jul 1, 2006
Ugh, that is so frustrating. I had the same thing with a purse I sold last summer. The buyer had buyer's remorse and went into a total lying tyrade about the condition of the bag so she could get a refund... Paypal was so awful during the whole thing. I got conflicting advice from their CS people, had to call numerous times, and basically got scre&*ed over. I hate them too and so wish there was a real alternative.


Dec 4, 2006
you can likely file a NPB report against them as to warn others and limit them against bidding on other auctions if they have other npb strikes.

BTW did you go through the paypal claim appeal process after the claim was decided in the buyer's favor?
Oct 30, 2006
Can totally relate! Sold a pair of jeans to a new ebayer... Two month later she returns them - with no tracking number - and files a complaint with paypal saying I misrepresented the item. The jeans were new with tags when I sent them, but came back worn without tags. Had the receipt and all to prove they were new. Paypal sided with the buyer... I then told Paypal that I had not received the jeans back...they said I needed to get it sorted with the buyer. They didn't care! Who pays their fees???!!! I hate them too. :cursing:


May 1, 2006
Should we start an official Paypal hate thread. I am serious, they get away with outrageous things that no other company would get away with.

I purchased an item today via Yoox, and if you paid via paypal you got an extra 5% off and free delivery. So, great I thought, I will do this. I got to the final page and the paypal payment went through but an error came up on the Yoox system so although I had paid the order was not completed. No worries, I thought, I will call Yoox, and they said, oh sorry, we often have this problem with Paypal, we will credit you. This was all within 15 minutes. They emailed me to say that the credit has gone through and incredulously, Paypal have said it will take 10 DAYS to credit my account, even though no amount of time has lapsed for them to start the process of taking my money or Yoox crediting me :hysteric: To say I am pissed at them is a massive understament, they are robbers, and nobody else would get away with it!


lv and BBAG lover
May 8, 2006
oh please don't worry!i hate them so much, they limited my account for no reason, they said I have a ""suspicious transaction"" !! i have a excellent feedback in ebay and never did something strange but still they decided to keep my founds, i tried to reach them but it's impossible