I hate Paypal!! i need help please

  1. Hi i need help please. Paypal limited my account, they say for security reasons??they think i am a seller and i have a bussiness so i have to fax them all my documents as i.d. passport, etc..and i explain i am not a seller i just sell and buy things online and on ebay, but until they not rewiew my documents i can't use my account, somebody here has the same problem before, do you know how long this take, can they do this to private people? i am so upset:cursing: :cursing: , please help:crybaby: thank you !
  2. Before you do anything - are you sure this isn't a scam? Were you contacted by email? Don't fax anything until you are sure!
  3. Hi,
    As Suedoc suggested...........be sure this is legitimate. Before you give out your personal information you should contact Paypal by phone and verify that the information being requested has been generated by Paypal. At one time Paypal froze my account due to someone else trying to access it, and after talking to them it was straightened out. Just be aware scammers are sending out email that look like they 're from Paypal or Ebay. Good luck.

  4. sounds like phishing to me. . . Paypal doesn't send e-mails like that.
  5. BE very careful like the suggestions above. Never give out any personal info. Send paypal the link under "spoof email". It should also tell you how to tell when someone is "phishing".

  6. OP hasn't suggested that she received and email about this (yet).

    Asumming the OP onyl founf out once she attempted to log on: Paypal do limit people's accounts if they have good reason. Sometimes, you need to send them certain documents to get it sorted out.


    A typical reason for limiting the account is when the acount holder has made £4000 worth of transactions in the UK on an unconfirmed account. As soon as you hit this threshold you have to confirm your details to continue using the account
  7. Hi thank you for your help , this was from paypal i sent my documents details, etc.. i still don't understand why they do this but i hope they can explain asap!! thanks anyway
  8. yes, but did you find from an e-mail or from visiting your account at Paypal.com?
  9. yes from paypal.com, thank you for your concerns!!