I hate Nordstrom!

  1. I hate Nordstrom! I ordered a jacket two weeks ago when it just went on sale. I called in and they said that theres one left in my size so I ordered it. The shipping came super fast, like in 3 days, however when I got my package it says it was a pair of men's pants. I was so confused as I did not order anything else from there but the jacket. I opened my package and it was a SKIRT!!! The invoice that was in the box states that I've ordered a jacket from them! I don't understand how they could have shipped a skirt, declared that it was a pair of pants when I've ordered a jacket?! I've paid for customs and taxes just because I was curious about what was in the box. I called them and the most they would be able to do is pay for me to ship the item back to them. I told them I really want that jacket and they said the had no more and that was that. arrrr... Now I have to contact customs to get my money back! So hasslesome!

    I wish they wouldve just told me that they did not have the jacket in stock anymore rather then shipping me something completely different.

    This is my first time ordering too! I'll be taking my business elsewhere!
  2. So sorry that happened!

    I'm a bit surprised, I ALWAYS order stuff from Nordstrom and nothing like this has ever happened.
  3. I bet if you wrote a letter or called and asked to speak to a supervisor, they would do something to accomodate you...or at least they should! like give you a gift card toward you next purchase.
  4. How frusturating.
    I cannot see Nordstrom saying "too bad, so sad" - I'm sure they will comp. you beyond believe, or at least they should!
  5. Wow, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. I, personally, love Nordstrom's and have never had any problems with them. Neiman Marcus, on the other hand.............:cursing:
  6. I'm so surprised! My family and I always order from Nordstroms (we've been their loyal costumers since the 80s) and nothing like this ever happened to us! Sorry it happened to you.
  7. I love nordies, the service in my experience is top notch. You should call again I am sure you'll get a different customer service person - ask them to offer some compensation for the error... never hurts to ask!
  8. The rep I was talking to kept going back and forth and she said that her mgr said that they could pay for my return shipping and that was it. They didnt offer me anything else and I didn't want to bring it up because I didnt' want to seem like I'm trying to get free stuff.
  9. ^^^ ITA. Nordstrom is the one of the dept stores online i like purchasing from. NM/BG always have problems with inventory, and they don't care abt their customers. they are quite rude and will put you on a "blacklist" if you buy something and return it because it had a defect or anything. And then Bloomingdales takes FOREVER to ship out something that you wouldn't even want it anymore.

    Nordies, and Saks are really the only reliable major dept stores i've learned to love!

    Sorry abt the jacket! Maybe you can check online boutiques or anything if they have it! AND DEFINITELY call CS and speak to a supervisor to give you atleast a discount code towards a future purchase, or a gift card would be even better
  10. sorry about that...they probably just made a mistake. Nordstrom has really good customer service. Maybe you can give them another chance. Free shipping seems reasonable.
  11. The jacket is sold out everywhere, I'm just mad that I have to reship it back and then have to go mail forms to customs to get my money back. Its just a lot of trouble. I wished they were more sincere like trying to make a special order for me or try to track it in one of their stores which they refused to do. I think i'll take the advice and contact them again.
  12. I spoke to an online chat rep and they said they will be giving me the money i paid for customs :yahoo:. I think the reps online are far more helpful then the ones on the phone!
  13. Glad that you're getting the money back. I've always had great service from Nordstrom. :yes:
  14. That is wonderful! That restores my faith in Nordies!:smile: Glad things worked out for you.
  15. I HATE NORDSTROMS, TOO! I used to shop there and then I had the worst experience. Several years ago, one of the top sellers in the Designer Dept. at the Towson Nordies called me to tell me that merchandise was going on sale. She didn't know which items were going on sale, but said she would do a pre-sale for me of items she thought I might like. She promised to call and let me know what she picked out for me. I never heard from her and figured that nothing special went on sale. Then, I received my bill from Nordies and I almost passed out. I figured that someone had fraudulently used my card. I called the Towson store mgr. who couldn't be bothered so I ended up calling corporate headquarters in Seattle. They did get to the bottom of the problem - the sales person had actually put items aside for me but never called. The items had been sitting in the back for over a month! Ultimately, the charges were removed from my bill but neither the store nor headquarters felt that the sales person had done anything wrong. This left me with very bad feeling about Nordstom's. I think that Nordstrom's line about customer service is insincere and I will no longer shop there. As a final note, I found out that the sales person was ultimately let go.