I Hate Neiman Marcus Right Now!!!

  1. Last week, I ordered a new Bulga bag from NM @ a great price - here it is.
    I was so excited when FEDEX came today. So, I go ripping into the package to find THIS:
    I thought I was pulling out a white woolly mammoth out of the box! And it stinks so bad!!! It's got this hair/fur all over my kitchen now! So gross......

    Just thought I would vent my frustration. And what do you want to bet my original bag will be unavail now!!!

  2. Wow. That's not even close!
  3. OMG!!! I thought it was going to me that looped-yarn-Miu Miu bag that nobody wanted!!!! Gross!!! Are you calling customer service now?!?! Keep us posted!!....Sorry that happened to you too!!
  4. Oh dear! How disappointing for you! :sad:

    I wonder how they made such a stupid mistake? :shrugs: It's not even the same brand!

    BTW, did they charge you for the Bulga? As D&G are usually more expensive.
  5. So you got the sweater??!!
  6. They charged me for the Bulga bag. And no, I didn't get the sweater - I got the bag that is in the picture. It is listed in the description with the sweater. I couldn't find a close up pic of the d&g bag, not like I tried too hard either. It's yukky, or at least the one i got is.
  7. I think NM has been making a lot of mistakes, according to some of the posts on this forum, and I have held my distance from them just because of that. I'm sorry that we have to learn from other circumstances like the one you just experienced, but that is the beauty of this great forum. It's like NM doesn't even care too much about customer service, as what you just went through is not acceptable.
  8. Yikes! This is the second "botched" Bulga delivery that I have read. The other tpfer got clothes instead of her Bulga bag!!!! Alas, is there a "Bulga bug" at NM? Sorry to hear of your dilemna and yes, they should remedy the situation in some fashion. Be sure to contact a manager at customer service to convey your utter disappointment!
  9. Seems like they sent you the wrong box, someone else got the bag and you got the sweater, I would definitely contact a manager re: this situation. Stay strong and persistent!!
  10. what are they going to do for you?
  11. This has happened to me before too with clothing. I ordered a cashmere sweater once and they sent a fur coat. I also once ordered a 50% off Prada bag that they sent in the wrong color.

    Between shipping errors, the returns that take forever, and no more smart labels, I have sent most of my business over to Saks and Nordstrom. Out of the high end department stores I find them the most frustrating to deal with. Unfortunately NM gets some stuff I like that never seems to wind up at the other stores so I do still order from them on occasion.

    Please let us know if you contact customer service and what they did. All they would do for me is waive the return shipping with their smart label. It still took 6 weeks to get it credited.
  12. It is my experience that if you take the return to a NM store, you will be credited quickly. Good luck.
  13. Wow, that sucks! How could they just send you something that you didn't even order?? If it is unavailable now, I would make them order one from another store, and give you an even BIGGER discount. Sorry that happened to you! I would be PISSED too!
  14. OK, well I guess that was somewhat successful.

    Of course my original bag is SOLD OUT - BOOOO! But along with crediting my smart label shipping, he gave me 10% off my next order.

    So I don't get my original bag, but I get an extra discount next time. And I don't have a NM near me, so I have no choice but to just mail it back. And I assume I will probably just buy something in exchange before they have time to credit me anyway..... :okay:

    I didn't talk to a manager cause I didn't think there was anything they would have done differently than he did already, and he was really nice. But still, what a poopy experience! :tdown: for NM!
  15. I'm sorry about your experience. I order very frequently from NM online (only when I have a free shipping code), and have had a few instances where the orders were completely off. Since I have a NM account, I find that they do credit me right away, so I typically just bring it back to my local store.

    I'm sorry to read about your experience. I hope that you end up finding that Bulga you had originally ordered.