i hate my wide feet :(

  1. okay....

    a couple days ago, i was @ Neimans w/ my mom......we were in the shoe department, and they were having their big sale

    i was looking in my size area (5 to 5 1/2), and saw those Chanel Baby Animal Flip flops (black terry cloth flip flops with cute animals on them) on the sale rack.....they were on sale, for an insane price, and they were my size!! :nuts:...

    i tried them on, and my feet fit, but they went over the edge of the flip flop, so it looked odd........ :crybaby::crybaby:

    also, on Sat., i was @ Coach.......they had these BEAUTIFUL scribble sandal slip ons, and they were the last pair in the store, my size, and for only $55.00!!!!

    i tried to get them on, but my foot wouldnt go though the strapy thing!! it was so sad :sad:

    I hate my wide feet......... :tdown::crybaby::sad:
  2. You know that leather actually loosens up a bit after wearing right? So if it's only a bit narrow, just wear it around the house for a few days.I did this with a few shoes and it always work.
    Also maybe your feet were just swollen?
  3. ^ Yea some times the heat swells your feet!
    The material will loosen up and get better
    it's just kinda like breaking in new shoes.
    Or i guess it could depend on the material you could ajust them?
  4. I *Hate* having wide feet ><, my mother has a insane shoe collection,but my man feet dont let me wear them ><. Stuart Wieztmen (sp) sells wide designer shoes =]
  5. I have wide feet too and it's a matter of trial and error and finding out which styles and brands suit your feet.

    For instance I dont even bother trying on T-bar shoes as I have a high arch on the top of my foot, or wouldn't wear an ankle strap to accentuate my thick ankles. I LOVE peep toe as the open toe gives my feet a bit of room for "spillage" and reduces the toe cleavage look. Having said that, I used to think I'd never be able to wear closed toe/pointy toe/round toe but I now have many of each style.

    Another trick is to try on a shoe 1/2 a size bigger than you normally would, particularly for closed toe or narrow fitting shoes. You can use heel grips if you find yourself slipping out of the backs and again, this helps toe cleavage. :smile:

    As mentioned already, you CAN stretch shoes out a bit around the house before wearing them out, but I would only do this is the squish factor was minimal.

    Try different styles, different heel heights and different brands. You'll learn to quickly spot shoes that will not only accomodate your wide feet, but actually flatter them. :yes:
  6. I feel your pain...I don't own one pair of strappy heels b/c my stupid foot won't go in them...but all the suggestions are right on!! Especially the 1/2 up your size...does the trick for me a lot of the times...

    Stay hopeful!! And keep loving shoes :heart:
  7. Don't worry, you're not the only one here. I got wide AND big feet...just gotta find the ones that fit our feet. =)
  8. I'm in the same boat. I'm always finding cute sandals but I spill over. :sad:

    I also don't even try on t-straps, or anything with a strap across the toe area.

    I've found Cole Hahn's to be nice and wide.
  9. I hear you, ladies! I don't have wide feet technically but I do have flat feet, I mean no arch at all. So they look really wide in most skimpy sandals and ballet flats (especially!). I have to be quite picky about what I buy to keep my feet from looking huge. Heels can be a problem too.
  10. It could be worse, you could be me. I have a neurological condition which has caused great weakness in my lower leg muscles.

    As a result, I really cannot wear much of any heel at all. I can't even wear flat slingbacks or ballet flats. I have to have something which comes across my midfoot to keep it in the shoe.

    As you might be able to tell,I am pretty limited with shoes and I find shoe shopping quite frustrating.
  11. i have flat feet too!! i dont even have an arch
  12. The best time to go shoe shopping is in the morning. By the end of the day, your feet swell. ;)
  13. I know the feeling! I only wear a size 7, but my feet are wider than normal. Hard to find a 7W (or whatever they are called.) But the manufactures make some shoes wider than others, so it's not entirely the fault of my feet.
  14. This won't help with the Chanel Flip flops she wanted. Her feet are too wide and go over the edge.

    I have wide feet too and just can't wear some shoes. :crybaby:
  15. I've got double-wides too, and I don't even bother going to Neiman's or other high-end department stores. European designer shoes simply weren't intended for women with wide feet. I avoid NM's shoe section like the plague, because even the sight of such gorgeous (and unwearable) shoes is enough to put me into a depression!!!

    I've found that more down-to-earth places such as Macy's and Nordie's have a MUCH better shoe selection for us wide-foots. The Walking Company has tons of wide-width shoes too....most are orthopedic looking but sometimes you'll luck out and come across some really cute shoes!