I HATE my new haircut!!

  1. So I haven't had my haircut in an actual style for like 6 years. I usually just get a trim. My hair was long, to right under my bra strap, pretty much all one length. About 6 months ago I had my friend (she's licensed but works at home) cut some bangs. She hacked them but they eventually grew out and looked good. Well I decided they were too long and I also wanted some highlights and maybe a style haircut. SO I called my other friend who works in a salon to do my hair. She colors it first and I love the color. Then I tell her I want to keep my bangs long but trim them and want some long layers around my face. OMG, she hacked my bangs so short they come to above my eyebrows, then used her scissors open and cut off the sides of my hair around my face starting at my ear............so not long layers at all! And I always straighten my hair, so now it's totally choppy and HIDEOUS!! I am so bummed!! SO now I only have two choices of how to wear my hair............can't put it up cuz it's too short on the sides.......so I can:

    1. pull my bangs up (just the bangs) and pin them
    2. wear a hat!

    :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    I went and bought pre-natal vitamins yesterday cuz when I was preggers my hair grew fast, so hopefully this will help. Does anyone have any other ideas??
  2. Short bangs are totally in right now the choppy part maybe you can curl it and it wont be so noticeable.
  3. Oh, sorry Tracy! I only trust one person to cut my hair because I am sooo paranoid about it.

    Would wearing your hair wavy help at all? Maybe scrunch it as you blow dry it so that it doesn't look so blunt like when it is straight? Or how about a headband to wear it all back and away from your face?

    Hang in there...hair is supposed to grow faster in warmer weather!
  4. Show us pics...so we can help ya!
  5. I'm sorry to hear that!
    Something like that happened to me shortly before Christmas (ugh... photos) but I found that the bangs quickly grew to an acceptable length and they started to look longer quite quickly.
    I think it'd look nice if you had it wavy with the too-short bangs pinned back. That's what I did. I hope you work something out. :smile:
  6. ok this was my hair before:


    this is how I wanted it cut:


    and this is how it looked after I got it done, you can't see the choppiness until it's straightened and I don't like wavy/curly hair on me:

  7. Tracy, ^^^ you look gorgeous! It looks fine, really...wear it wavy until it relaxes and settles into its cut. Hopefully you'll get used to it real soon!!!
  8. It looks great to me! It's a great summer look! I hope you grow to like it better :yes:
  9. Tracy, that haircut looks amazing on you!! Don't hate it!
  10. Your haircut is beautiful, perfect for spring and summer. I say try to wear it wavy for a few weeks, it is something different and it really looks great. I am sure it is a big change for you but it will grow out. I also think that when you do a drastic change it may take about 3 weeks to get used to it. I myself have hated some cuts but then 2 weeks later once I get the hang of messing around with my hair I find it is perfect.
    It really looks great and I think anyone who saw your hair would tell you that.
  11. It looks cute!
  12. I really like your new cut. It looks great. Love your hair color too!!!
  13. I think your hair looks great . It looks like a shorter version of the blond haircut you wanted.

    Give yourself time. It may grow on you.
  14. It looks nice!,maybe you are just not used to having short hair? its fab!
  15. honestly I really fail to see why you don't like it. it so super styled now - and I much prefer it to the blond style you wanted!