I hate my hair

  1. :crybaby:I can't stand my hair.......I always had a short Sharon Stone pixie cut and dyed it blond or had blond highlights..... So I tried to let it grow out and got it shaped in to the short Keira Knightly style, with very long bangs and shorter on the sides and neck, I had big foil highlights and it was PERFECT:yahoo:.... My goal was to let it grow in to a blunt cut. So I go to get it trimmed, shaped and I don't know what happened but my stylist chopped it---literally chopped shorter layers on top and one huge chop on the right side:cursing:. If you brushed you hair in to your face there is a 2-3 inch chop on one side....... I am so depressed.....Then I go back to my other stylist and she tries to just trim it a bit, nothing major.....she tells me there is nothing she can do to fix the chop. I wanted to let it grow out. But I can't stand it.....after I wash it and try to style it I just see this missing hair on one side. I then have these wierd layers......UGH>>>>>> The only way to fix it if I go back to a short pixie cut and start all over. It is just so horrible to have your hair look perfect in every way with the cut and color and the stylist knew I was trying to still grow out my hair and then he does this major hack job on it....... Anyone else have hair horror stories?????? I am going to try to get in to see my stylist this week for her to just cut it back to my short style.....:crybaby:
  2. I feel your pain right now. I have been trying to find a good stylist and right now my hair looks horrible, too long and color is off. And I have to go on business travel Monday and give a huge presentation Tuesday and of course I will look like crap. I thought of cutting it myself but I stopped myself.
  3. Oh bless your heart!!! That is maddening! And YES I have had similar chop jobs done by my stylist and it's emotionally draining, especially when you'd come so far and it was on it's way to growing out. Did he know you were upset with what he did? :cursing:

    If you can't deal with it the way it is now I would say go shorter, or try to get the one side more blended? Or maybe wait a couple of weeks and see if it grows enough to blend in a bit more on its own. Big hugs...so sorry this happened to you. It'll grow back....please keep us posted. :heart:
  4. I don't know if he realized how bad he chopped it. He sprayed it and used the blow dryer so it was so much fuller and looked OK even though I could not figure out why he cut it. I mean he knew I was growing it out, he had the same picture of the cut in front of him. Why he got sissor happy I don't know?????
    He gave my SIL what I thought was a nice cut but when I saw her about 2 weeks ago her hair looked like it was cut really wierd in the back, kind of a frizzy round cut. She thinks it looks great and I am not going to say it looks horrible. I think he was just too burnt out that night to do hair. He just started a new job at a fancy spa and was super busy with all these extra clients, so it was a off night for him. I learned my lesson and will go back to my other stylist, I just need to make appts. a few weeks in advance to get in. I am going to call her Monday to see if she can get me in soon. I already have a appt. with her the first week in August but I can't wait that long.
  5. i hate hearing horror stories about people not liking their hair .. because i'm a stylist. haha!

    i hope my clients don't talk about about me badly .. hmm maybe one of u is one of my clients .. haha just kidding!

    honestly though .. some stylists have an ego on them .. where they don't listen to their clients .. and kinda do what they feel and think is best. which i never understood! there is a fine line between being the professional .. and listening to your client .. & i think when a stylist really goes and completely does the opposite of what u say .. they just take their proffesional-ism .. a little too far.

    make sense? lol ..

    good luck with your hair, girlie! :smile:
  6. I love the way my stylist does my hair but I hate that it feels like it's so thin right now. She told me stress causes your hair to fall out usually, but that still doesn't stop me from being stressed.
  7. Oh no, I know how you feel....I'm growing a pixie too-almost 10 months and it's still a wierd length-maybe I won't go for a shaping after your experience. I'm so sorry-Iknow nothing makes us feel worse than hair we hate.
  8. Unfortuantely I think a lot of us can relate. So sorry this happened to you.
  9. Finding a good hair stylist can be tough. I have curly hair and had many nightmare cuts before I found Anna. I ahd people trying to put in weird layers that would curl funny and one person who made me look like a poodle that had been caught in the rain then put under one of those big driers...ahhh.

    Anna is amazing but unfortunetly works in a salon in NYC and I moved to Vegas a almost a year ago. After I moved to Vegas I was totaly freaked out about letting anyone touch my hair. Fortunetly I do have to go to NY on business a few times a year so I make sure to get an appointment with her when I am town. I lucked out and found a decent person here in Vegas who can give me a trim if necessary.
    Believe me though I feel your pain...
  10. I really feel for you - its horrible isn't it? You really are at the hairdresser's mercy thats why I always keep on the good side of my hairdresser - they could do anything couldn't they? Scary!!

    It does sound like you're going to have to start all over again now. I'm so sorry.

    The only horror stories I have are a bit self inflicted really because it was when I was a teenager and I couldn't afford to go to the hairdresser my mum used to cut my hair, which was fine because I only ever had the bottom trimmed as I was a Ballet Dancer and needed long hair. I decided one summer that I wanted it cut to my shoulders, just in a bob - nothing major - well my mum couldn't get it straight, everytime she tried to straighten it up it just got shorter and shorter until eventually it was straight but it just under my ears!!!!! NOT the look I was going for, I just made sure it was always really straight and said I was going to the 1920's look!!!

    The others were when my mum died my hair and I had a big Ginger streak up the back of my head and one time I went really really ginger (I just put a hat one and got my savings out the bank and went to a hairdresser - they had to bleach it out and then colour it a normal colour again!)

    Lets just say my Mum has never touched my hair again - mind you I am 35 now and can afford a hairdresser (and my hair is a short crop so any mistakes won't be there for long!)

    Good luck with the growing!!!
  11. I hate my hair right now too! Summertime here in hot, humid Miami is hell! I cut it for my 30th birthday and donated it. Six months later and it still skims my shoulders, because I keep cutting it.

    I love the look of long hair and miss it but I hate that in between look. I'm now thinking about those side swept bangs. Any thoughts???
  12. I once went in for a "trim". Her trim consisted of chopping off a good 6-7 inches of my hair. I kid you not. I came home and my family was like WTF?!

    That's why to this day I am scared to get my hair cut. I want long layers but I am frightened!
  13. I am so sorry to hear this happened to you. I hate when a stylist always thinks they know what's best for you regardless of what you've told them. Even worse when you tell them you don't like the idea and they do it anyway. Then your the one that has to wear it.

    I have had a similar run in as wordpast where I went in for a trim and when I saw the hair fall it was like an inch and a half at that point it was too late.

    I hope you get everything worked out to where you get a style that you can love! Have you maybe thought about extension??? Just a suggestion.
  14. I feel your pain! Prior to my nightmare cut I had long hair cut in layers with the longest layer reaching the small of my back. It took me forever to get it to that length, but I was ready for a change...nothing major, but I was ok with losing a little length as long as it still fell below my shoulders. Anyway, I went to my usual stylist (who in the past had done a great job) to get it cut and I brought a picture with me thinking it would give a better idea to the stylist of what I had in mind to avoid misinterpretation. The picture was of a girl with longer sideswept bangs and layers to around boob-length (sorry...didn't know how else to describe it :smile:). Long story short, I guess the hairdresser's interpretation was long side swept bangs with a short layered flippy bobish thing hanging at shoulder length! I keep hearing that it's a really nice cut, which I'm sure it is, but I wasn't what I wanted. I haven't had hair this short since 7th grade when I let my mom cut it and cried for a week...now I have to wait for it to grow out...again...I'm so bummed I could :crybaby:. I keep telling myself I'm being a stupid superficial freak and that hair grows, it's not like I lost a finger or something, but I still feel like I've lost my source of power :tdown:. Sorry for the long post, just had to vent.