I hate my hair

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  1. :huh: I have been going to my sister's house to get my hair done these past few months. Her wonderful hairdresser comes to her house. He is very talented and super sweet. Sster in law and I kind of messed up our colors before our first visit with him. He cut my hair layers with trying to grow out to very long bangs and highlighted and put dark toner in my hair. It looked great. Next visit more highlights-looked OK but I wanted more of a frosted look. Dark and light. So last month he says he is going to try something different (maybe he still needed to correct the color???) so he ends up bleaching my hair blond and putting a toner in. I also am not really happy with the cut. I want it shorter layers and he and my SISTER want it longer layers. SO here I am feeling that I look like a hooker:lol: . I mean I could of made my hair this blond all by myself.
    So do I go back and see if he can color it the way I want and cut it the way I want even though he seems to feel longer layers are the way to go? I just found out my old hairdresser is back in town so I can call her-she always was one to cut my hair short and I loved it. I am kind of going for the Keira Knightly look when she had short hair with long bangs.
    Any help here?:nuts:
  2. You are the one who needs to be happy with the way you look. Go back to your old hairdresser. You can ask for her opinion but make yourself happy!
  3. I think you should go back to your old hairdresser. I know I would if I didn't get the hair cut that I wanted- it;s your hair and your opinion on what you want
  4. Oh I hate when the hairdresser insists on something I dont agree with. For me its my last visit to that person. Im in this process right now. I see someone new on Thur. Good luck to ya!
  5. I know...I had my hair done just recently ( new hairdresser). It looks ok but I don't like it. I am still trying to like it.....ugh. I think you should go back to your old hairdresser and get something you like, because if you not 100% liking with it you just not going to be happy with it.
  6. I've been going to a hairdresser for far too long because I loved looking at the massive chandelier in the salon...yeah, I'm obsessed with HOME aceessories too(:shame: ), but I finally got tired of being able to see three colours at my roots: their colour, my colour and the grey. After two years, I changed and now use a salon where they listen to me, I lurve my colour and when the roots grow out, I can only see a bit of grey. Okay, a LOT of grey! :cry: :lol:
    But I'm alot happier, and when mama's happy, everybody's happy! :amuse: