I Hate my Botkier Rose Satchel!

  1. I'm so sad. I've lusted after this bag forever. It was my first Botkier and I was grossly disappointed. The leather felt really weird, kind of fake, kind of like something I could get at Target. The metallic plum was okay, but just not my thing. It's going to go back. It's a lot of money for something I'm not in love with! Anyone else have the same experience? There were several Botkiers I wanted, and now I feel like they're overrated. What do you all think?:crybaby:
  2. Oh I'm so sorry! I hate to be disappointed like that! FWIW, I have definitely lost the love for Botkier as of late as well. I dunno what it is, I'm just not in love with the designs anymore. Plus, to me, they are less classic than other designers, and honestly, I'm not all that keen on paying $600 for a bag that will look dated next year.
  3. I think the metallic botkier is more "cheap" looking and feeling. I have a metallic clyde, it is my LEAST favorite botkier for the same reason as you! I have the Bianca in black, love it, the leather is sooo lush, I have the fan, the essex (brown), the bombay (cream), and the crosby (wheat) - all are TO DIE FOR!!! The leather is like butter and the sooo stursy - woth the $$$! I think you should steer away from the metallic - me too!!!!! Give botkier another shot...
  4. That's really what I was going for...the "like buttah" feel; I think that's why I was so shocked with the quality. You've given me hope though!
  5. That sucks! I'm sorry, I know how much you were looking forward to the bag. I've heard mixed reviews about Botkier and their bags (including the Bianca -the bag I'm after right now). Supposedly, their leather was a lot more luxurious and soft when Botkier first started out. Now, it's like they've changed their leather quite a few times. I guess it's hit or miss with them.
  6. Sorry your bag isn't working out! That happens to me when I order on-line. A few times I have kept the purse in spite of not being totally happy with it - and could kick myself. It would be great to have that money back to put towards a bag I know I will love.
  7. I know...I feel so guilty returning it. I debated and debated; I considered just sucking it up instead of having to deal with the return. But I'd much rather have a bag I love than something I'm settling for. Thanks everyone for your support!
  8. I rather liked mine. I thought the color was gorgeous. I did sell it because I'm funding a Paddy and I had to make a sacrifice. But I have always liked the variety of leathers Botkier has out and just got the Bryant today. Different leather type for sure but just as beautiful. I really like dthe thicker leathers they have on the Bombay and Crosby Hobos.
  9. I hear you. I posted about this awhile ago myself. All I can say is, I have other Botkiers with much nicer leather. I'm hoping this season (or possibly just this bag and a few others) is just a one-off and the quality & texture of leather I like I like will return. It's happened with them before. They may also have some lambskin versions out there you might like better but I haven't seen any yet myself.

    I would suggest checking out the other Botkiers you like - they may be better or different quality - and if you don't like those either, wait another season before giving up on the bags. The ones I've had in the past definitely aren't overrated IMO and I think the company is just going through growing pains or maybe experimenting.

    but definitely don't feel bad sending it back! At the price we pay for these kinds of bags I think you should love it and not feel guilty returning it if you don't :smile:
  10. I don't blame you. I have seen pics posted here but then when I see them IRL I'm really bleeeeh about them.
  11. That's such a let down after debating about and waiting for a bag! I would definitely still give a non-metallic Botkier a chance. I've read a lot of threads about their questionable leather quality. It definitely does very, but I have a medium Bianca in toffee from last fall, and a large Bianca in bone from this fall and they both have TDF, buttery-soft leather.
  12. Sorry to hear that. Yeah, Botkier really lost it. Don't know what happened to them and Bulga recently.
  13. There is nothing more disappointing then waiting for that special bag and then not loving it. It has also happened to me. I hate returns and have "lived" with a few things but I never really used them. I have been far more happy when I got up the courage to return them and get what I wanted. Good Luck! Sorry it didn't work out.;)
  14. wow, i love my large rose satchel in black - the leather is fabulous, thicker and more luxurious than the leather on my trigger from a few years ago. i never liked any of the metallic botkiers, that could be the problem...i'm extremely happy with mine!!! sorry for your disappointment :sad:
  15. I still think Bulga is far superior to botkier...