I hate my bank

  1. So, yesterday some of you might noticed in the authenticate now-thread that I'm in the marked for a new bag on ebay. So, I gave it my best offer and it was declined (although not unexpected), so I decided to BIN it. However, I don't have the money on my primary bank account right now, so I was thinking of borrowing money from a friend because I don't want to use funds from my emergency account unless I have to. Anyways, I couldn't get a hold of my friend, so I decided to draw funds from my emergency account, so I try to log onto my internet bank account and... "there's a technical error, please try again later"! OH MY GOD! I am shaking now, and I want that bag soooo bad, why did this have to happen *now* of all times? I'm so depressed, and I'm soooo pissed at the bank, if I don't get that bag, I'll hold *them* responsible :censor::rant::censor::rant:
  2. what was the bag?
  3. Ooo:huh: I am really sorry!!!!
    Keep checking their website it may be up and running at any time!
    Good Luck!
  4. Does the BUY IT NOW option has "immediate payment required" under it? Because if it doesn't, you still have a day or so to pay for it.
  5. Conte de fees musette. However, one problem is solved - I tried to open it in another browser, and it worked, BUT! I am broke! After my shopping spree in march I decided to let my mom get in control of most of the money I had in my emergency account to my mom so that I wouldn't spend more (right now that's kinda lol), so I transfered almost $7000 to her, and now I have less than $100 left:o I'm gonna try calling my friend again before I call her though, she's on holiday and I don't wanna bother her. I'm so stupid!:Push:
  6. Oh, I haven't checked! I'll do that immediatly, thanks!
  7. Okay, it didn't say anything about immideate payment, so I'll BIN it tonight if I can get a hold of my friend or talk things out with my mom:biggrin::biggrin:
  8. Good luck!!!
    O/T By the way, why are you moving to Russia and where abouts are you going to be moving to, if you don't mind me asking?:nuts:
  9. I'm talking to my friend now, I think this is gonna have a good ending:biggrin::biggrin:

    LV_addict: I'm moving to russia to take a 3 month long intensive russian course. I did something similar last summer, and I really loved it, so when basically the plan for the whole autumn opened up, I decided that I actually wanted to do something fun rather to sit at home doing nothing.
    I'm leaving for St. Petersburg 22. sept, and I'm loooking so much forward to it - I feel so home there, and I love the people, the buildings and even the metro! I feel like a little kid :P
    I already speak some russian, but I don't feel confident, so I can't wait to learn more and hopefully master more :biggrin::biggrin:
  10. Awesome!!! I was born and raised in Moscow, baby!!!:graucho: My family moved to Toronto 16 years ago.
  11. LV_addict , u know, i've always wanted to learn to speak russian :P
  12. That's so cool! I've never been to Moscow, but I really want to go there, especially after seeing Night Watch, so I'm hoping to be able to make a trip while I'm there this time. My grandparents was there during the 70s, and they loved it although I'm sure it has changed a *lot* since then. As said, I'm looking really forward to go back to St. Pete, but hopefully I'll get to see some other places too, like for example Moscow. I also want to take the transsiberian (sp?) railway, but I'm not sure if I'm able due to financial reasons.
  13. Oh and by the way, my friend borrowed me the money!!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Hopefully the transfer will be approved tomorrow, so I think I'm gonna take a chance and BIN it now:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: I have the best friends in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. That's great news!
  15. So, as I understood, I could press the BIN now and not pay until tomorrow unless other is stated?