I hate Macys.

  1. Okay I have tried calling over half a dozen Macys stores today and I can say I've never experienced worse telephone etiquette, hang ups, dead extensions, but most of all SAs who just don't care, don't know their products, and refuse to look in the stockrooms or move their butts away from the register.

    I was trying to locate a tokidoki bag, and it was pulling teeth to even find someone who knew what tokidoki was... And the most irritating thing of all is that I -know- that in a lot of these stores they have the exact bag I'm looking for just sitting in the stockroom, because I did an item locator and it says that there are 3 and 4 in stock in these locations! :cursing:

    I'm so angry because I've wasted so much time, and dealt with so many ignorant, rude, or unintelligible phone speakers!

    The worst part of this all of course is that I have actually worked at a Macys for -four- years now, and I know I would never treat a customer like this! I've spent over an hour trying to locate or work with a customer on the phone so many times, and it is so frustrating to see how much of a true rarity that is!

    I suppose that's what I should expect out of a company that treats their employees like dirt, and pays them peanuts though... You can't get too many great workers that way...

    Anyway I highly suggest that none of you give this company your business if you have to for your tokidoki purchases. The SH outlet sounds like it gives so much better service!
  2. Hi snapcat,
    I feel your pain! A lot of SAs are just there to collect a paycheck and have no drive, no sense of pride in the job they do, and they just really don't care. It's very frustrating and I know exactly what you mean.

    I had a similar experience the past couple of days trying to find ScotchGard for my tokis. Either they had no idea what ScotchGard was and didn't care, or they just didn't care. lol It's sad but true.

    If it's any consolation, these people will probably end up in a dead-end job and be bitter their whole life due to their laziness. On a happier note, us toki owners are sweet and nice and have good karma because we are good to others =) yeah! hehe
  3. whoops, i double posted, sorry!
  4. Sorry Snapcat! Thanks for trying to help us though! Im dying for a foresta bella and called every number on that list but nothing. Im a bit bummed, but its okay-its not meant to be.
  5. *Hello! Thank you for calling Macy's. How may I help you today with our *OUTSTANDING* customer service?*

    And then they go totally CLUELESS on you!
  6. Snapcat, I went through the same thing with Macy's last month. I called 3 stores in my area and their SAs were not helpful at all. They had no clue what a tokidoki was or the differences in the prints. All I wanted to know is if they had Spiaggias in stock. I had to call them the "LeSportsac beach print" bags. Getting them to check was too much effort too! I got frustrated and went to the stores myself to check their stock. There wasn't a person around to help me check for a print placement I was looking for in the back room. I gave up.

    I went to Nordstroms and Neimans and their SAs were soooo friendly and soooo helpful and they knew EVERY single toki style and print that has come out. It was like night and day. They told me could leave my name/number and what I was looking for and they'd call me when their next shipment comes in. They also gave me their business cards to call them directly. The SA at Neiman's called me back the next day when their Spiaggias came in and was happy to help me find the style/placement I wanted. How's that for customer service? Macy's needs to get a clue.
  7. pinkpeony - you just took the words out of my mouth. :smile: Most say it with ZERO enthusiasm which infuriates me.

    snapcat - if you're looking to do a charge/send, call up the Macys at Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, WA. There's a girl named Cassidy there who's ALWAYS super nice and she knows of tokidoki too. :smile:
  8. I tried calling it that too.. they thought I meant Pirata....

  9. Hey: try LOngs. they have it there!!
  10. lmao, that's EXACTLY what they tell us to say u_u i work at macy*s.. and i am CERTAIN i am NOT the rude associate that most of you have had encounters with :/ i wish i was placed in the handbags department.. i'd totally help you all to the best of my ability! :] for the love of tokidoki!

    but, uggghh, i hate macy*s nonetheless.

    EDIT: btw i left my name and info and stuff for one of my own co-workers to call me when they get spiaggia in.. i never got a call. >:[!!!!!!!! i had to find out for myself!
  11. Gotta love retail. My coworkers always want to know why I'm so cheerful and smiling while I'm on the cash.....
  12. haha. Last time I charge sent from Macy's, it was actually this jock-sounding guy who actually took the time and effort to locate the bag and describe it to me. so funny.:roflmfao:
  13. I've never called up a Macy's for help but I did notice that IRL the SAs at Bloomies are sooooo much nicer than the ones I've run into at Macy's .. like super nice.
  14. It's gotta be store-by-store and SA-by-SA. I was in the Bloomies Chicago recently and when I was asking the SA if there were more in back, she reluctantly helped me and was super-snotty!
  15. ahh ok that sucks ... yah .. def. on a case by case basis then.