I hate kids on heelys

  1. I absolutely do! I went looking for a present for SO's mom because we are going there for lunch tomorrow. We already bought her a gift, but I wanted to make her a special little bag filled with a book, some chocolates, a scented candle etc - a woman-to-woman gift that her son would never think of getting. So I went to TJMaxx because that's the nearest place that has stuff like that.

    There was this 11 or 12 year old in the store who was moving all over the place in his heelys. He'd skate around a bit on his heels, and then walk back to where his mom was, and she wasn't paying any attention to what he was doing.

    Anyway I was looking at the soaps and candles and stuff and this kid comes wheeling around a corner at a fast clip and CRASHES INTO ME!! I fell down, narrowly missing a display of candleholders and wineglasses, but the kid kind of teetered and didn't fall. Someone in the store came up and asked me if I was okay. Then the kid's mom comes up and tells the kid "Matt, that's not nice..." and goes back to the jewellery counter! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    I should amend the thread title - I don't really hate kids who wear heelys. I just hate moms who let their kids wear them in inappropriate places.

    I was so pissed off I didn't buy anything. And now my butt is sore because I sat down hard on it :sad:.

    My kid asked me for heelys and I didn't buy them because I didn't think he'd wear them appropriately and would be tempted to do something like this. But the gall of that mother! Both the kid and the mom walked away, and didn't even apologize :cursing:
  2. wow...what a RUDE mom!!! that right there should have been enough grounds for taking his heelies off and getting him regular shoes. so sorry you have that ucky exprience!

    i personally dont like heelies either because they seem dangrous. PLUS its annoying when the are on tile or hardwood and it gets scratched a bit.
  3. what a BRAT- with no manners! Maybe you could call the store and complain about the stores not having a policy that states "no heeleys" allowed.
    Somtimes when I go to Ross and moms are not watching their kids- a SA will announce over the PA system to please watch their kids. Of course, they say it a more polite way!
  4. I agree!! My SIL gave my kid heelys for Xmas and I won't let him use them. I think they should be banned from stores. They are soooo dangerous!!!
  5. I can't believe the mother didn't even apologize!!!

    I hate kids who run/skate/roll through people in areas where they shouldn't be.

    Once, my mom and I were walking around buying groceries and these kids were just running up and down the street chasing after each other. They weren't little kids that didn't know any better; they were at least 13 years old. The particular area we were in was a favorite grocery spot of the elderly and these kids were just bumping into them!

    One of them bumped/shoved my mom. She just had surgery, so she was wincing in pain. They ran off before I could say anything, but next thing I know I see them barreling back at us again. I was so sick of it that I stepped right in their path and got down in their faces and told them they needed to slow down and stop bumping into strangers!:cursing:
  6. Kids wear them all over the nicest mall in our area. I really do think they should be banned. They are dangerous, but it will take that one kid who flips over and cracks his skull open to show people that.

    I won't even start on irresponsible parents!! :cursing:
  7. Arrgh why didn't that Mom apologize or make her kid apologize???? My blood is boiling.

    As far as heelys I think they are funny but if the kid can't control himself then forget it.

    Funny side story: when I was traveling recently on business one of the leads in the bldg I was working in (a very large, one-level bldg) was wearing them and he is about 25 or so?? I had to bite my tongue SO hard not to laugh. I had never seen anyone that age wearing them! I guess it helped him get around the building a lot faster, but puhleeze!
  8. What an irresponsible rude mother! The gall of some people just amazes me.

    I call on a number of large retail discount stores for work and even though they have signs posted everywhere banning heelys, kids still "wheel" around all the time. I've been nearly run down too many times to count! I think they absolutely need to be banned in retail environments and parents need to step up and start parenting!
  9. rude mother - and at 12 sorry also a rude kid. maybe if he was embarrassed but in that case the mother really should apologise...

    anyways, skates in a shop???
  10. I HATE WHEELIES!!!!!

    They hit off just over chritsmas here and ever since almost every child is wearing them, the local shopping mall is like a race track I can tell you how many times I've had to dodge kids on wheelies and the parents just don't care. They drive me INSANE!!!
  11. How rude!!
    I hate kids on heelys too...or anything with wheels for that matter, nearly got knocked over by a skateboarder yesterday.
  12. I'm with you all. I hate them and won't let my kids have them! Mean Mom...:yes: I know!
  13. everytime my sons sees someone on them he says"MOM they are allowed to wear HEELYS"

    and I say LOUDLY "you will never be allowed to wear those awful things" usually so the parents can hear

    they are the worst. they are annoying and dangerous.
  14. My son doesn't have heely's... won't get him those things I think they're dangerous
  15. lol esp on the shiney floor. i hate it. i fear for my safety sometimes. just be glad you dont work on the kids department of debenhams.