I hate it when...

  1. people flaunt their fake LV's as if it's the real deal. I was at Target the other day and in the elevator, this girl had a mono speedy 30/35 with FEET.
    The shape of the zipper pull was way off as was the nasty wanna be patina.
    I was starring at it the whole elevator ride cuz it was just sooooooo super fake.

    I admit I once owned a fake papillion 30. I bought it from Chinatown in NYC cuz the pap was the rage. When I brought it home, I realized that I just wasted $40 and also gave organized crime my hard earned money. I ended up throwing that bag in the dumpster and when I went to Europe that summer, I bought the real deals.. the speedy 25 and mallory vernis. Till this day I love my purchases... I only regret not getting more!

    Never will I touch a fake with a 10 ft pole. I was embarassed when I did use my fake pap. Do other ppl not feel embarassed?!?!?!
  2. lol! I kniow what you mean! The other day I went with my bro, and dad grocery shopping, and while I was entering the super market, this lady comes with her hubby and she was carrying a fake speedy 25, because it was small, and it the feet! It was hilarious! I was carrying my mono speedy 30, and she kept looking at me the whole time. My little brother goes" Look she has an ugly fake! Take goodness your bag is real!" I started laughing. I think she heard because she left the store!
  3. haha some people have no shame!
  4. I know this may sound dumb. Besides not being able to afford a real LV. Why would a person that can afford LV or other couture designer item buy a fake?:confused1:
  5. Some people don't know that their bag is fake... perhaps it was given to them as a gift. Or they keep it and carry it for sentimental value.

    I'm just a little tired of hearing the same 'ole stories about how people see fakes everywhere they go.
  6. ^^I agree!!!
  7. ITA 100%

  8. it's not dumb. i understand your point. when i had the fake, i was embarassed when other girls with real bags saw me.

    i know a lady who ONLY buys fakes. she goes to korea once a year and buys the "A" grade fakes. she flaunts them around like they're the real deal. in her head, she's so "stylish" that even if she carries a fake, other ppl think it's real.
  9. I agree :yes:

    pinkiwhatever99, just because someone can afford authentic LV, doesn't mean they want to spend that much for one. They'll either not buy it or buy a close substitute (a fake) and be happy with it. Unfortunately, owning fakes just isn't a big deal to some people :shrugs:
  10. So glad I'm not a bobblehead or my head would have fallen off. ITA
  11. If I had a nickel for every fake, I'd be a rich, rich lady...and I agree with everyone else, this topic is getting really tired...
  12. I hate when people with fakes stare me down, like I am the one with the fake. Maybe it's jealousy?
  13. fake real fake real fake real fake real fake real.................yawn.
  14. What I lvoe is the girls whose have feet and then give those of us with real bags dirty looks as though we should be embarassed for the bags we are carrying.

    puhlesse I don't think so.
  15. i am a hairdresser and my client got me so mad but i couldnt tell her b/c i was doing her hair but she says
    ''my daughter's boyfriend got her this expensive handbag he is crazy they are too expensive you can just get a fake one it's the same thing" :cursing: :cursing:

    it made me soo mad!
    when i see someone flaunting their fake bag i just have to laugh because i know its fake and it is so dumb who r u fooling?