I hate it when plp make me feel like i'm high maintenance!!

  1. So this is sort of an update on the dent that the dealer put on my car. I brought it in to get it fixed...when i dropped off my car my advisor wasnt there so i just told the valet guy where the dents were. Friday...no one calls me so i call and they tell me my advisor wont be back until monday, but that my car's done. I made it a point that they really should check the car...because if it's not done and i have to drive down there for no reason i'm going to be pissed off, they said no its done.
    So sat morning i go to pick up my car...and guess wat?!!? The dent on the back door is not FIXED, i can see why tho...its hard to see but still i wrote it down on the paper when i brought in me car!!!! So the service manager says he'll get it fixed..really nice about it.
    Today i get a call from my advisor and this is the message he left for me: "Hi, this is xxx from xxx i saw that ur car was still here this morning and that they fixed the dents on the front door. Apparently there is a dent on the rear door? I was not under the impression that you had a dent on the rear door when you brought ur car in. But anyways, your car is done and ready to pick up." Ok...he was not even there when i brought in my car!! Arghh...wth i feel like i'm such high maintenance now. His tone of voice was basically kinda annoyed and kinda wtf-ish. I'm so pissed off....i wanna just punch him right now. He made it seem like...he was doing me a favor or something.
    Ok...if i'm overreacting..someone please let me know so i can calm down.
  2. At least your car is fixed..that's all I have to say. I love the BMW dealership though, free Starbucks and cookies. :biggrin:
  3. ...u get free starbucks and cookies? I get free bottled water and thats about it. There's a coffee shop in th service area, but you have to pay for it. makes me hate them more.
  4. The BMW dealership at home, in OR, is where my parents bought my car. That certain dealership is really nice. I haven't gotten starbucks here in CA though. I guess it depends where you go! I know some other tPF members have gotten free starbucks and cookies sometimes as well.
  5. At least your car's fine now! Let it go, no need to stress about this now. I have to take my car down to the shop soon, too. I get free water, soda or coffee but not Starbucks or cookies LOL.

    My car's a Mazda3 though.
  6. I don't think you came across as high maintenance. I think maybe he thought you were pushy. BUT, the one thing I've learned in life is that no one is looking out for you except you (and hopefully your parents and husband - mine are), but if you aren't pushy things just won't get done. You would still be sitting there with a dent in your car. Good for you for making them fix it!!!
  7. Ok i've calmed down...my bp is coming down now. Hahaha...i hate my dealership, that's all i have to say. If it weren't for the loaners i wouldnt go to them.
    My advisor must think i'm such a pest. Oh well..he'll just have to deal with it.

    Well, you said you wanted someone to tell you that.

    I think perhaps they thought you were going overboard, but hey, don't sweat it! I mean, who cares what a bunch of grease jockeys think anyway? As long as your car is fixed to your satisfaction, you are fine.

    Just don't park it near anything ever again so this won't be replayed.

    BTW, what's a "plp"?
  9. I feel like the guys at my dealership are also slightly cranky. Just ignore them :smile:
  10. speedy - plp = people. Its one of the many improper grammar/spelling i picked up from college. :shrugs: I'm not quite sure why people = plp in shorthand, i think the correct shorthand is actually "ppl" - which makes a lot more sense. Hahhaa...ok am i using it wrong?!?
  11. For you to expect a certain service does not make you high maintenance. I get undone when dealerships dont do what they are paid to do.
  12. Well, I knew "ppl" was "people", this is the first time I ran across the use of "plp" for it. But you youngins' just don't speak the same language we old folks do.

    OMG, I just channelled my mother!! Next I'll be yelling at you kids to turn the music down!
  13. this is FAR from high maintenance!! this is negligence on their part. they should fix all dents.

    I doubt that mechanics fix one area of the car without looking at the whole car in general.
  14. I've never seen "plp", just "ppl".
  15. i think it's ppl hhehe....