i hate it when people said it's safe if u pay by paypal

  1. i'm sorry, but i have to say this out loud. i used ebay to buy things & starting to sell my stuffs there too. but the problem is paypal doesn't allow a member from my country which made me use western union instead.
    and i always read in this forum when someone asked for an auction, this paypal / western union thing became a problem. they said that they don't trust seller who asked for western union.
    well, i think nothing's wrong with western union, yes, the buyer is the one who had to pay the fees, but taling about safety. people needs to wrote their name and address based on the one on their ID.
    people won't be able to lie about this info like what could happen with paypal.
    what do u think? i'm sorry i splurt this out because i listed my lv on ebay and it was asked by a member on "authenticate this" section. and another member said that my bag is authentic but my payment method considered to be as a something wrong and suggested that that member don't pursue my auction. and i didn't interfere in the thread because i don't want to sound defensive or pushing. it just made me sad to read those comments :crybaby:
    thanks :P
  2. awww Seah! dont feel sad..paypal is also not availbale in my country (im from the Philippines). When I sell or buy on ebay, I use wire transfer or western union only. But I mostly use wire transfer as western union fees are really high.

    Western union is not safe if you're a buyer unless you're buying from a trusted seller or a seller that you know. I, myself, is scared of using WU unless i know the person who I buy stuffs from. There's no protection whatsoever, coz the seller can just run with your money and you cannot get any refund.

  3. yeah nhelle, i hate it that they won't allow us to use paypal.
    have u tried bidpay.com? but i read that the fee is quite high too, 2.9% of total value :crybaby:
  4. i used bidpay before, yup the fees are high too.
  5. Im sorry you feel bad by comments made by members..I think people are just very wary these days to buy on Ebay with all the scamming going on..Its not personal..There is just WAY too many people getting scammed these days.
  6. I got screwed by paypal. They took money out of my account while I was away for the summer. It got me reported to Chexsystems which will now be on my credit report until Jan 2012.

    I would have gone after it, but then my dad would have kicked my butt if he knew about it.

    The best part was that paypal closed my account when I complained.

  7. What?? Geez that sucks! :wtf:
  8. i've heard that people always rely on paypal, but lately i've been hearing so much complain about the system...
    maybe they're getting too popular that the system might not able to contain the demand & problems as well as before?
  9. Paypal charges 3% of the value. I sold something for $250, and when I looked at my paypal account it said $240! I thought the buyer forgot to add $10
  10. ooh, so paypal and bidpay actually charge the same amount?
  11. :yes: :yes:
    Agreed - it's NEVER anything personal, it's more a case of 'better safe than sorry' when it comes to spending large amounts of money.
    Sadly, that's how it's become on Ebay nowadays.:rolleyes:

    As for Paypal and Bidpay fees, yeah, i think they're pretty much the same - they work on a percentage basis - the higher your final selling price, the more fees you pay.

    And Western Union i personally would never use unless i TOTALLY trusted the person i was paying.:yes:
  12. I wouldn't take it personally....most people just feel better making purchases through paypal.

    I don't bid on items unless the seller accepts paypal and that's just for my own protection.
  13. Same here.