I hate it when buyers ask me to refund them the difference of shipping costs

  1. I mean its not as if it's extortionate, maybe £2, but I think they agree with those terms when they buy whatever it is you're selling. Am I wrong or what? lol
  2. I agree, when you bid on an auction, you agree to the shipping prices. If I feel something is too high I might ask the seller about the charges (depends on how badly I want the item) or I would just pass
  3. I always refund the difference if there is one. Sometimes I have trouble with the international shipping so I overcharge a couple of dollars on purpose, then refund the difference.
    I don't sell bags though, just books but they can be REALLY heavy.
  4. the buyer shouldn't be able to tell how much you paid for shipping anyway - when you ship through paypal it says "display postage value on label", always check no, then the buyer has no clue how much it cost to ship.
  5. I agree, a buyer does enter into a contract when they agree to buy your item, whatever the postage costs, but, on the other hand, it's also extremely frustrating to pay a high amount of postage and then realise that the sender has sent your item(s) in a flimsy envelope, and used 2nd class postage with no tracking.:s

    Personally, i wouldn't mind paying over-priced P+P quite so much if the item is actually well packed and sent with tracking.

    I recently bought a few bits from the same seller, and was refused combined P+P. The seller made at least £7 profit.:push:
  6. Sometimes it depends on how much more you've charged. There have been times when I've charged too much and I do refund. If it's a small amount, generally I don't. You have to factor in the steps that you took to pack and mail the item, the time it took you to get it to the post office, etc. So there's a lot more to shipping than just the cost of the postage. Once I explain that to a buyer, usually they understand.
  7. Ouch, thats bad chicky, i charged £4 and it cost £2 to ship and 89p for the envelope, and they want me to give them a refund of £2 :sad:
  8. I've never had anyone ask to refund the difference of shipping. I'm usually dead on because I have a scale, but I think it's completely fair of sellers to work in, within reason, the added cost of packaging and time i.e. "handling" fees
  9. i ALWAYS pack anything i sell very nicely... i always wrap it in tissue, and then bubble wrap, placed inside a plastic bag, and in a box. i always charge a couple bucks extra in addition to actual postage because the cost of packing supplies adds up. i never charge for my time to the post office or gas... it's always on my way anyway.

    i've never had anyone ask for shipping refund, though... at the most, i might estimate a couple bucks over, but it's really not a big deal. if i overcharged by $4-5, then of course i will refund the buyer. i agree, though, when the buyer bids on an auction, then they are agreeing to pay the shipping costs. i think it's alright as long as the shipping amount isn't ridiculously high for the item being sold.
  10. i charge them a handling fee with the shipping costs. (to cover packaging, and someone to drop them off at the post office for me).
  11. I've never had anyone ask for a refund of shipping charges, but I have given a few when I was completely off on the charges. Also another time someone won multiple auctions and never asked me to combine the shipping. I didn't catch it until I was packing them to mail. I refunded her the difference because I always discount shipping when I package together. I do agree that the buyer has agreed to a contract and is obligated to pay the shipping charges, however outrageous they may be.
  12. Bottom line: It's shipping and HANDLING!!! You are the one who has to provide the box, label, tape, any peanuts or packing. You are the one who has to provide the gas to drive the box to the Post Office. And you are the one providing the TIME to both pack the box and drive it to the Post Office! Just let them know that is what the additional costs, above and beyond the actual postage if for!
  13. What jerks to ask for the difference back. CHEAPOS!!!

    Once you bid or buy, thats it!

    So rude of people...
  14. Maybe they have a case of buyers remorse? :shrugs: Either way, you shouldn't really refund them because it was a mutual agreement... you said you would charge £4 to ship and they got their item, right?
  15. That's amusing. I never thought to do ask for a refund! Plus it's not just shipping - you have to consider "handling" - time, cost to go to the post office, etc.