I Hate Hood To Coast!!!

  1. there is no parking on my street. or any street within 15 blocks.

    i hate the stupid vans with all the crap on them i know is eventually going to fly off and hit me. or the driver will hit me b/c he can't see out his stupid painted windows (like the near miss i just had). i hate the runners/walkers who come strut around town in their cheesy medals and cheap teeshirts all proud of themselves b/c they ran a very long way. i'm supposed to be proud of you why? b/c you had enough money to pay a 100 dollar enterance fee that made a rich man even richer? it doesn't even go to charity! i hate that the city and chamber bend over backwards for these people so they feel entitled to act this way! and i hate that i don't get to see my husband today b/c i was serving fish and chips and then got stuck in traffic. (<--that's the main reason i'm mad right now. :yes:)

    ARGH! :censor::rant::censor: i'm going to tear my hair out! and there's no one here to listen to me. and now i just agreed to leave the house again and get coffee with an out of town friend that is in town for....oh what? stupid hood to coast.

    but she got a cute chi puppy so maybe that will perk me up.

    thanks for listening to me vent guys. :wlae:
  2. awww, cheer up! Tomorrow will be a better day! :flowers:
  3. Oh my.

    That gives me a very different view of Hood to Coast than I've always had.

    I always thought it was pretty cool. :shrugs:
  4. i know right? they have very very good PR people. :flowers: that, and i'm a little biased. :shame:
  5. Same here :shrugs: . I didn't know it wasn't a charity event either?
  6. ugh i hear ya, when i lived on downtown on naito parkway they'd always be parked in front of our apartments by the broadway bridge, i could never park!

    Today there was some bike thing going on when i went out ot ride and i almost got plowed over by a bunch of speedy bikers with numbers on their chests!

    I must admit that i'm envious of their ability to go from hood to coast!