I hate having small feet.

  1. I wear a size 4.5/5 and have the worst time finding designer shoes. I have narrow feet and a narrow heel.

    Which brands run smaller? Jimmy Choo? Blahnik? Louboutin?

    I am looking for a pair of classic stiletto pumps, I was looking at Jimmy Choos but not sure if the pointed toe box would be too big for me. I live in the Bay Area and most of the shoes run 5.5 and up so I can't really try anything on.

    Any recs are greatly appreciated!

  2. You've got to try every shoe on. Louboutins tend to be on the narrow side, but his sizing can be inconsistent. For a narrow heel I recommend styles that have a strap, whether it's an ankle strap or heel strap or even Mary Janes. They would help keep the shoe from slipping off when you walk. I'd also try some inserts that you can place either at the ball of the foot to keep your foot from sliding forward or at the back/heel portion to keep the shoe from slipping off.

    I've got a pair of black Jimmy Choo pointy toe stiletto slings that are very classic from the boutique in Bloomies in the city. It's the compromise I had to make in order to have a classic shoe.

    I'm from the Bay too, but can't think of specific stores that carry sizes in 4.5-5. You can probably go to Bloomies, Saks, NM, Nordstrom in both Stanford and S.F. to find designer shoes and they can probably order your size.
  3. Okay, it's nice to know that I am not the only person alive with freakishly small feet! Every time I see a cute pair of shoes I sigh because it's unlikely that it comes in a size under 5 1/2. With living in Seattle and all, which is not exactly known for its fashion, it's really hard for me to find adorable shoes, so I just shop online.

    I wear a size 4-4.5 depending on the brand. My favorite place to shop for shoes is Nordstrom.com and Zappos.com. BCBG makes shoes starting at size 4 and the Nordstrom house labels (BP, Boutique) also start out with a size 4, so you should definitely be able to find a size 5. I've also heard that Michael Kors makes shoes that tend to run smaller. Maybe we should swap photos of our meager shoe collection! :p
  4. Stride Rite makes small sizes. LOL j/k
  5. lithiumpearl: I usually shop online as well but I can't help drooling when I see people's collections of gorgeous shoes. I usually shop zappos.com and Nordstrom.com but I want a designer shoe :crybaby:

    Thanks for letting me know that Michael Kors shoes run smaller, I'll have to check that out.

    LavenderIce: I tried on Jimmy Choos at the boutique in Hong Kong and some of the size 4s ran large! I was so surprised. I'm going to try to go to Union Square again and try on shoes...which department store has Louboutins? I think Neimans has it?
  6. I'm surprised you didn't find anything in Hong Kong. I would think they'd have tons of smaller sizes in Asia. As far as which stores has CL in the city? NM and Saks on Union Square and Nordstrom in S.F. Centre.
  7. Try having a size 10 foot. Sure you can find the size okay, but it never looks as cute as it does when it's a small size :sad:
  8. I was totally suprised they didn't have small sizes in Hong Kong! I remember shopping there 7 years ago and it was easy to buy small sizes but this time around I could not, for the life of me, find shoes that fit. I think their smallest size is 5.5.

    Thanks for letting me know about NM, Saks and Nordstrom SF. I'm going to have to check it out soon!
  9. Actually, I think you're lucky!

    A lot of designer shoes are sized small (I would say the vast majority are). I regularly see the very small and very large shoes sizes make it to the discount shelves, because there are less people buying those sizes.

    So go to the botiques, get yourself sized in the various brands, write down what your size is in each, and go discount hunting online. Neimans, yoox, etc have great deals on designer shoes, especially in size 5.
  10. louboutin decolletes run small. i have an idea how you feel. my mother is a 4.5/5 also. everytime we went shoe shopping they never had her size....
  11. You can always use gel inserts to make the shoes fit better.
  12. Oh I totally understand your pain! I am a size 4.5/5 myself (mostly 5 but non-designer 5s are always big on me) and have to spend an exorbitant amount of time searching for (and actually getting) shoes.
    Saks and NM don't even carry Louboutin shoes in 5 (5.5 and up only) so I have to ask them to order me a size 5, try them on, and then make a purchase.
    Same thing with Nordstrom, they do carry size 5s but are rarely in stock, so I have to order and wait for them to call me. You don't have to buy the shoes you order, so if you can bear with the wait time, you should do this.

    About Michael Kors shoes... I know they do run small BUT for me, I would not wear them again (I have a couple pairs sitting in my closet) because they hurt so much and are uncomfortable. Maybe it's just the styles I chose, but I am sticking to my Louboutins.
  13. Jimmy Choo in Hawaii carries size 4 so I had them send me a pair of Eleven pumps in size 4 and they were still too big! There was 1/2 inch between my heel and the back of the shoe [​IMG] The store manager said that I might have more luck with Louboutins because they run small and they come in size 4 (which I've never seen here in SF). I'll have to call the Beverly Hills store to see if they have any 4s.

    He also told me there were ladies who got collagen injections on the balls of their feet so they could wear heels and not feel pain [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] which also added volume to the foot so it would be bigger in size. That totally blew me away...I've NEVER heard of getting collagen injections for the feet! Incredible.

    That being said, I love these Louboutin Super Wallis Platform Pumps!
    index (Small).jpg
  14. I wear a size 5 and jimmy choos work well with my feet
  15. i hate having big feet. :sad: