I hate Google! I want my Youtube back

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  1. before, I could just sign into Youtube with no problem, now I need a google account to do so. what type of poop is this?

    I have one google account (old one that I only signed on for just for fast checkout at Intermix.com) and Youtube merged the two (including other crap like contacts, etc). I HATE GOOGLE!

    I tried to delete my google account, but that means I will have deleted my youtube and my videos. what the freak? This makes me so mad, because I am happy with Yahoo!

    I don't have time for all these extraneous accounts.

    :tdown: for Youtube....bunch of sellouts.

  2. #2 Sep 29, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2010
    When I sign up with youtube I automatically got a new google account. There was a google email in my message box I'm not sure why that isn't happening for you.:thinking:

    Once when I tried to get a youtube account, and in order to get the google account that comes with it, they asked for my mobile number. Because I'm uber-cautious about security, I refused so I couldnt get an account.

    I agree it sucks, but I can't offer any advice, sadly:sad: