I HATE going by myself...need reassurance!

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  1. So I just came back from my boutique, totally set on getting a heritage stripe small satchel...then OH NO! It's too small :tdown:

    Then began my hour and a half search for a handbag...kept going back to this Madeline (Oddly enough, it wasn't excluded from the PCE even though it's from the hamptons line)...and after hmming and hawwing (because I didn't like the matching accessories) ended up buying it:


    But now I'm still not sure...I LOVE the color, the website just doesn't capture the subtle sheen it has or the hints of silver and it truly stands out. But, because I like matchy matchy, I don't know if I'll find anything to match, so it's making me doubt her. And then I recall somewhere that people were having probs with the metallic leather...

    My friend still has her PCE that she's not sure she's going to use and I figured I'd go back with her when she goes, so I can always pick up the wristlet if need be (i don't like the long wallets), but if anyone has suggestions on accessories, I'm up for them! And please tell me I made a good choice LOL...or a bad one...:okay: :wtf:
  2. Are you wanting super honest opinions?? Well hopefully so! I don't care for it, I personally thought the metallic finish was odd when I looked at it a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure how it will wear, do you think you'd be happy with rub-off? See, I wouldn't..it would drive me crazy. Just my opinion!
  3. I just saw this, and I really love the color!! It's a very subtle metallic. Of course I LOVE browns and bronzes, so it definitely caught my eye! I'm not sure what type of wear issue you will encounter. I have the platinum Bridgit and the metallic Juliette, which are both very textured heavy metallics. I have not had a problem with these bags, but I wore my smooth metallic gunmetal Peyton for one day, and the metallic rubbed off the back on my shirt. I couldn't deal, so I returned it. I saw a display Zoe where some of the bronze had worn off too, but this may just be something you have to try and see. Metallics are more high maintenance bags, but I always spray mine with at least two coats of Apple or Shining Monkey...hoping that I bond the metallic a bit better. Bottom line is that all metallics will eventually wear off, but supposedly they can be resprayed by a professional. With my Peyton, there was no problem to return it. I like the Coach warranty, so that makes me feel a little bit better about purchasing metallic bags.

    Congrats on your purchase, and good luck!!
  4. I LOVE this bag. If I could I'd go get it. Unfortunately I haven't been following my self imposed ban very well...I just can't imagine why :upsidedown:
  5. I agree :sad:

    But that's just my opinion. If you love it, keep it.
  6. I actually love the bronze color, but I would be much too nervous about the metallic ruboff possibility to actually get it. (I'm a bit cruel to my bags) I think that bronze functions like a brown neutral and you can't wear it with anything. If you like it and aren't going to freak out too much if/when the metallic rubs off, then I would definitely keep it.
  7. I love the color of this bag, but I am very nervous about metallic bags. I have a signature w/ metallic trim and the metallic has worn off in several places. It is mostly on the handles but it looks terrible, IMO.
    Its all about what you like and if you are okay with the possibility, then keep it. Its beautiful.
  8. I love the bag, and especially this color. It makes me wish I hadn't just bought a Madeline a few months ago in a different color, because I totally would have opted for this one instead. There's something very striking about the color, and yet I think it would work well with a lot of colors and outfits.

    My main rule of thumb when it comes to shopping for bags - no I don't spend a fortune on them, but I do spend my handearned money - if I'm going to buy it and keep it, I have to love it. If not, it goes back.
  9. That's a beautiful metallic. I could see myself wearing it with everything for a long time.
  10. I love the color and look but I cant bring myself to do a Coach metallic bag due to reports of the metallic rubbing off...
  11. I for one love it. In fact, hubby got me the exact same bag for our anniversary! They do have a matching wallet and a matching turnlock wristlet, which I also loved. I personally think you made a great choice. While the color may not be for everyone, it's definitely a color that you won't see most people carrying, I think it's a style and color that you can wear with so much. And as far as the rub off of the metallic, I guess only time will tell. I have a friend with a metallic something or other and she hasn't had any problems with it at all. It's probably like anything else--some people will have problems with it and some won't. If you ever have a problem with it then you can take it back.
  12. omg i adore the color!!!
  13. The color is great. I dont think I could wear a metalic bag, but maybe you can.
    If you are not 100% happy with it , return it.
  14. I saw this and loved the color. Unfortunately the madeline handles don't like me! But the color is really nice in person!
  15. I actually really liked this color. I was purchasing something in the boutique the other day when I happened to look up behind the counter and they had one of these on display. I actually asked the SA to get it down for me so I could look at it closer. I think it is really nice. What I loved was that it was that fun metallic bronze color, which is an even better neutral then the usual neutrals. I have decided that the Madeline's aren't my style (long handles that wont ly down or move bother me) but I have been eyeing the wristlet in this same color. Good luck. If you decide to test out the color transfer maybe you could keep us all posted with your experience.