I hate feEBAY and PayPAL-2.5k lost! URGH >"""<

  1. ladies and gents, I've suffered too long for being a positive thinking person, please allow my vent and share your input. Won item 01/18/08, paid same night w/bank account (I KNOW, I KNOW), seller adviced 100% refund if item is replica, I saved all the emails. Yet when I contact seller for refund w/detail describition of why the bag and wallet is off, all of sudden no email, eBay message or Paypal dispute/claim message reply. feEbay said it's not their problem, their mile long terms are only there to protect their behind in every possible way. Paypal said they are just a messenger, buyer protection is up to seller's qualification. Bank said they don't deal w/Paypal or eBay b/c it's full of scams. Paypal sided w/my claim since seller never bother to reply, refund 'the best of Paypal's ability to trace back the $" lousy 200 out of bloody 27xx.xx auction! What the heck does it mean their 'best ability'!? the payment was send in ONE transaction, there's no reason they can only 'trace' back less than 10% of it. Clearly a multi million corp like Paypal let me suffers more than 90% of lost, and they just have a 200 lost on their book.

    There are 2 other vicitms which I've introduce myself, and ask them to report seller. I've report SNAD, replica, and IC3 as well as seller's local police station. what else can i do? After I press on Paypal, the rep said after 3 or 6 month of seller's account sat in negative, collecting agency will then come to play (guess it depends on how bad paypal want some of it's money back), then it's up the collecting agency to collect, IF they are successful that is. Urgh! I'm fumming mad at this time. Do I have to appear in Small claim court of TX or NY if I'm in TX and scammer is in NY!?
  2. Sorry this has happened to you, I hate dishonest sellers! They are the reason eBay is becoming the way it is. I am not sure what else you can do, maybe the 2 other victims are willing to press charges with to make a greater impact.

    $200 may be either all the seller had in their account, OR the seller only had $200 in buyer protection. You can see the protection amount right under the "paypal" logo. Looks like this: except the amount can be different.Check how you're protected

    [​IMG][​IMG]Up to $2,000 in buyer protection. See eligibility
  3. buyer's protection don't qualify with me b/c seller have less than 50 fb, sigh....
  4. I'm sorry this happened... could you maybe contact your bank once more? I believe you could do a reversal...
  5. So I guess the seller had transferred the money out of their Paypal account - which means the account will now have a negative balance for the remainder of your refund. If any money comes into that account, Paypal will seize it - OR if the seller happens to pay anything from that account - including auto-payment of their eBay fees - then Paypal will grab the entire owed balance out of their bank account. So there's still SOME possibility you could get some or all of your money, unless the seller completely abandons that account... But yeah. Credit card next time.
  6. I believe you would need to file where the scam occurred, in NY, just the same as when you file a police report in NY as well.

    You should also contact the designer of the goods that were counterfeited, report the seller to them as well.
  7. I am sooooo sorry to hear about this (especially happening to someone as nice as you....hugs!!). I wish I could help in some way but really don't know what to say....if it were a payment through credit card I'd definitely recommend calling the CC company and disputing it that way. But if it's through a bank, I'm not sure how much recourse there is at this point. So there are other buyers that this scum of a seller has scammed as well? Is this person still registered on eBay or NARU'ed now? I'd try to band together with the other victims and contact the police and also Small Claims Court (and I see you mentioned starting that route already). Can you let me know who this scammer is (the eBay ID)? Where in NY is he/she based?
  8. That's terrible. When did this happen?
  9. Oh this is another terrible story. Paypal is not looking after our money. They seem to do all sorts of checks on me and verify accounts and cards regularly and yet people are still using them to rob others. There is an online fraud agency that someone posted a link to the other day. Does anybody have that link? I will look for it. I am so sorry this happened to you, please pursue this and get your money back. Contact your bank again. Let us know how you get on...
  10. so sorry abt yr experience... i had same situation tooo...pay with funds, never got item. file claims and its been 6 months and did not get any money back..about $300...paypal say will keep trying...:tdown:
  11. oh my goodness, I don't really have any good advice...but I'm so sorry this happened to you!
  12. :nogood::nogood: Sorry to hear that...
  13. omg im sorry that sucks. ive never heard of them giving you only part of what you paid. that doesnt sound right at all. have you tried calling and emailing paypal nonstop? its completely unfair. next time pay with a credit card. at least you can always chargeback.
  14. I'm sorry thing happened to you! Sounds like the seller had withdrawn most, if not all of the money out of their PayPal account... I agree with the other posts stating that if any money goes into her PayPal account, PayPal will take it. As for small claims court, if she is located in NY, you would have to file with NY. Sorry you have to go through this, and I hope everything works out for you. :smile:
  15. Sorry that this has happened to you. Hang in there and try to Stay positive. Hope you'll get all your money back! Sometimes Paypal miracles do happen!