I hate fakes!

  1. I just purchased an auth. azur speedy 30 and i'm so in love with it. I went on Ioffer cuz i was bored and found some azur fakes! OMG I think they are posting pics of real azurs and selling crappy knockoffs, (or at least I hope) because the pics i have seen for the speedy 30 look identical to my genuine speedy and I would be livid if someone was carrying a fake that looked just as good as my AUD875 bag! Ugh! :cursing:
  2. The fakes look nowhere near the real thing. As long as you carry the real thing, why bother about others who don't? They are not worth our time anyway.
  3. That happens a lot (photoswapping) but theirs will look "good" for abt a week and then fall apart.
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  5. Thanks :welcome:
  6. GAH!!! lol I LOVE that smiley!!! lol it's so awesome!!! okie back to topic lol

  7. a bit strange to go look through iOffer because one's bored :s
  8. I don't care about the obvious fakes...it's just when the fakers get so good that we get bags that look like the real deal. Just like that poor tPF member who had that superfake, I felt her pain when she discovered her baby wasn't real. I hope no one ever experiences that kind of deception.
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  10. I do it all the time (im an insomniac) I also go to fake websites to laugh at the hurrendo fakes. :roflmfao:
  11. ITA but the other day, my roommate walked in with an obviously fake speedy. :yucky: She even had the nerve to say no one knows it's fake but her, and that she only got it for $100. And worse - she leaves it on the kitchen table, and I get greeted by that ugly thing everytime I walk in the door. :throwup:
  12. Someone I know bought a Cerises bucket at a purse party for $200. In a couple of months her straps were coming apart and it looked like a dog had chewed on it. She said the lady that held the party told them the suppliers for LV does 'night time work' after factory hours and uses the same materials, workmanship. Yeah riiiiight! What a bunch of crock. What a waste of $200.

    The worst fakes I've seen irl were from the Ambre line. Not so much now since most of them have probably fallen apart or caved in while mine has just gotten more beautiful to me. Mother's pride lol.
  13. I saw SO many fakes today when I was shopping! Lots of LV, coach, and some really weird Chanel. I did see a couple real LV's including an Azur speedy 25!
  14. I don't like fake ... when I see my friend carries fake LV..it's not easy to admire ...
  15. My sis had a fake Neo Speedy. So I told her to burn that monstrocity and bought her a real one instead.