I hate ebay!!

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  1. I listed an ostrich last week and ebay just removed it because they thought it was fake! This is not the first time that my listings got removed. Last month I listed my gucci shoes for 9.99 and it got removed because someone thought it was too good to be true. Can I not sell my shoes at the price because it doesn't fit me anymore? Also, about a year ago I listed the camelia Chanel flats at retail (it was the hottest chanel shoes at the time and everyone was listing it way above retail) and it was removed too. I bought the flats on impulse bcause my SA said it was the most coveted item for that season but it was really too cute for me so can't I not sell it at retail?? My LV listing have been removed two times as well!! I'm not a reseller so I don't have to mark up on everything but it seems that people take it as the items are fake! Has anyone experienced the same thing? Why don't they removed obvious fakes, like a birkin for 2,000 or listings with only one or two pics? I always provide a lot of upclose pictures, why doesn't ebay take that into consideration? I guess we all have to start listing way over retail so ebay won't think it's fake. What happened to the old days when people could find good deals on ebay? Or if people just want to sell things for a fair price? And now they always have this new policy where non professional resellers can only list up to two high end luxury brands per month. So if my listings get removed, I have to wait for an entire month before relisting. Argh..THis really sucks! :tdown::tdown::tdown: Thanks for hearing me out, I needed a place to vent!
  2. Oh I am so sorry to hear that!! Sometimes I feel like some listings are removed because of competition as well kwim? That really sucks though. Can you sell that birdie via a rseller? :hugs: to you.
  3. Ebay seems to do this all the time... I just read about a company who lists your things on ebay for you and does "all the work". Can't remember their name now though.
  4. What a great idea!! :tup:
  5. So sorry to hear this, jenyi :sad:. eBay has not been a fun place for the past few years. The environment now is completely different compared to the time when I first joined the community almost 10 years ago.

    eBay has been doing random checks on listings especially from those who are not a frequent seller. Perhaps this is the reason why your listings ended up being removed. Another possibility is, someone reported your listings to eBay to have them removed.
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    sorry to hear that, jenyi. You do have the right to sell your Gucci shoes at 9.99 and any buyer who purchase that will be very lucky to get such a great bargain.
  7. Thanks xiao! Yea, i've heard of that before. But i've dealt with a few resellers and they are simply wonderful so I don't think they are the ones reporting my listings. Maybe the non frequent sellers or ebay's random checks..i don't know. Since i'm a stay-at-home-mom, selling things online, tpf, and soap operas really livens up the day haha;) I guess i'll just have to wait another month to list it. :tdown:
  8. Thanks diamonds~ but i actually enjoy doing "all the work"! Just that ebay keeps spoiling it!
  9. Yes, I miss those fun times!
  10. I read all the stuff here like you about ebay that is too bad. And they are loosing business.

    I had stuff to sell and because of all the stuff I read, I gave it to a consignment shop and even if she may take a bit more, that's ok, no work for me, no hassles, no problems, but no money for e-bay, they are loosing business. I wonder if their shareholders know what's going on.?

    There are investors who own stock obviously in ebay and don't use the service, it's just shares and I wonder if they know about all these practices as it does cause a loss of revenue. ?

    Sorry this happened to you jenyi, and I'm glad you posted to tell us, because from all I read I won't be dong business with ebay.

    Thanks for this very informative and good post.
  11. They are so rude and unfair, it´s unbelievable. I totally agree - had this happen to a couple of my LVs as well. I wanted to sell off a few things, to get my next hermès faster. :graucho: I guess I´ll keep them as "under the radar" bags, they are nice and elegant after all, they just don´t make me smile as much as my h-babys.
  12. jenyi, i totally feel you. eBay removed my listing only because I am not willing to accept paypal (I prefer bank wire transfer). They are way too arrogant and rude!:cursing:
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    I understand your frustration.

    You have to make eBay work for you.... first open a shop (you have to subscribe but cost is low) then start developing a profile selling smaller designer items. Avoid using the designer name in the main title - although your item a bit difficult to find at first, but at least you get it advertised. If you have track record on here, or have met up with other members, use that network and have your items authenticated here.

    Second approach, just email any eBay members (ideally living close to you) with a huge track record on trading - and get them to list the items for you. You can either profit share or pay them a fee... of course established eBay resellers may want more, but not all of them.

    People who actually buy Birkins on eBay know the bags really well, so if your bag is genuine, smart buyers and consigners will approach you for the bag. Good luck.
  14. I ended up just e-mailing one of the reputable sellers and having her place my items on her website.
    Selling designer items is just too difficult on eBay... :cursing: not to mention I'm always afraid that the buyer will do a bait and switch!
  15. jenyi, i know exactly how you feel! the same restrictions have been put on me!! it's so frustrating... especially when you have a non-paying bidder. they won't let you relist for 30 days!!! i am not a reseller and all my items are authentic with receipts. yet, i can only list 2 items per month. they won't even let me revise items that are active. i have 100% positive feedback and account from when ebay first started.

    i share in your frustration and hope ebay changes their policies soon.