I hate EBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I found this one authentic paradiso scuola that i could bid for $50 with only 20 min. left. Then when only 1 min. was left a person started bidding against me! i put 51, then she put 52, then i put 53, until it reached up to 56. With only 8 sec. left i put $57, then i confirmed it, and do you know what happened!!!!!! It said AUCTION CLOSED! what the f*** it only ended like a few effing seconds! What the beepity beep beep beep(trying not to cuss)!
  2. that'll happen
  3. i know but i just can't get over it.... ewww... i think im obsessed
  4. snipers snipers.... created by the devil himself!

    but now my war is against paypal. arggghhh!:cursing:
  5. dude! that happened to me today! i was stalking a citta rosa gioco & it had only been bid on once.. then when i got home & checked it, the auction was cancelled :[
  6. I hate ebay TOO...bastards. :boxing:
  7. Wow, that seriously sucks. I guess I'm just lucky that never happened to me yet..but if it does, guess it wasn't meant to be lol.
  8. I was looking at the same auction too. I think someone offered to buy it off eBay.

    Yeah, sometimes eBay can be a PITA. Someone bumped in at the last 5 sec of my auction today too. Out of nowhere! LOL! Needless to say, the bag went to this person. :cursing:
  9. Yeah, I hate the whole sniping thing with the auctions...blech... sorry you had such a bad experience :sad:
  10. thats why u just need to set a maximum bid...but yah the pain and joy bidding wars...it happens =T but don't dwell, there'll be more auctions to win!
  11. Yeah, what Bubblesung said. You just gotta decide how much you want to spend and go with it.

    I won an original Bella-Bella today for $10 less than my maximum bid. I'm happy :smile:
  12. Congrats DreamsofToki!
  13. i've gotten in a couple of bidding wars on ebay (not for toki stuff, i'm too scared to buy it there!) i'm very determined to win which means i've paid more than i should've a time or two. -_- sorry about the bag, but you know with tokidoki that something cuter or with better placement will come along soon enough!
  14. That happened to me a couple times. Then I just started sniping myself. I use bidsnipe.com, I think it is, they are really good. Just decide what your absolute max is going ot be, and just let the computers do all the work. Then you won't ever lose an auction that ends lower than you're willing to pay.
  15. Wow, Ive never heard of that till now! Aww, that kinda sucks for the other buyers! No wonder i've lost bids like 5 secs left till auction close!!