I Hate Ebay!

  1. That is all. Just wanted a vent. Anyone want to join me? :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:
  2. why? what happened?? just cool down for a while...
  3. Just had a run in with one of their CS on Live Chat. So useful. NOT! I keep having problems with my account - the same problem reported 3 times now and I keep getting passed round in circles.

    Takes deep breaths. OK I'm calm now :biggrin:
  4. I am joining in your rant, I won a J crew sweater & after countless emails seeking the total invoice amount he finally he emails me & says the sweater is damaged. I said okay I will forget about the auction but I really wanted the sweater should I leave negative feedback cuz I am pissed
  5. It's not really fair for you to neg him, because he was honest and told you the sweater was damaged instead of just sending it to you. He is saving you a lot of hassle!
  6. I'll join in on your vent...

    I just had someone e-mail be a offer for $50 less than my BIN. It is already the same price as most of the similar bags but it is a sold-out limited edition color.

    Also they asked me whether I used it when I said it was new with tags and never used. I even explained when I'm not keeping it and why it wasn't used in my listing.

    Uugh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Now I feel better.
  7. I love eBay! It's the buyers and sellers that bug me. And, depending on what kind of a week you are having, an offer of $50 less on your BIN is something I'd sure think about.
  8. It's only been up for a day and it's not an expensive bag so I'll take my chances.
  9. I know how you feel about the fees. I couldn't believe how much my invoice was this month. And I'm not a professional seller or anything. I just selling off some used bags and some NWT bags that were mistakes that I can't return.
  10. I'm even more mad with them now - I listed an item nearly 24 hours ago and it still isn't showing up in search and listing. I've complained several times about this and they just say wait, and our fees allow for delays. Not good enough.