I HATE EBAY! They took down my OBVIOUSLY authentic LV listing.

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  1. so wow i am so freakin p.o.ed right now. So everyone knows i was so sad to let this agenda go..but it had to be done...then i went and found out i needed a root canal...$2.500

    so the extra money couldnt hurt. i had 2 days left to my listing and wouldnt you know it....some a$$hole reported it as counterfeit and had it taken down. just when it was getting bids on it. I had a huge description and like 11-12 pics.

    when i asked why it was taken down they said that I should review their policy on counterfeit items!:cursing:

    please out of allllllllll the fakes on eBay....they take down authentic ones.


    I was worried that it might not sell in the first place then I was happy when it was getting all those bids. OH I AM SO ANGRY! its bad enough that I couldnt list it as Louis Vuitton. I am losing sooooo many views and potential bidders. The only way people can see my listings is if they type Groom Agenda nothing to do with Louis Vuitton. I HAVE 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK and pretty much all i sell is makeup and purses. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    I am REALLLLLLY hating eBay right about now.....
  2. Email eBay that you're in the right, and to have your item relisted/reinstated at NO charge. This has happened to other pf'ers and they were able to get their listings back up.
  3. Good luck-this is bad enough on it`s own but as you need the money...hopefully you can sort it out!
  4. You should relist your item. Write an email to ebay and they won't remove your auction.
  5. Definitely e-mail ebay explaining that your item is authentic, and that they have been mis-informed. Request to get your listing re-activated at no extra charge
  6. this is terrible, you should write to ebay. i'm so sorry to hear what happened to you
  7. I think they will require a proof of authenticity like receipt then you should be fine re-listing it.
  8. Do you still have the receipt?
  9. Why can't you say Louis Vuitton? I don't get it??? I've listed over 12 items in the past month and every single one of them said 'Louis Vuitton' in the title.

    Try in your listing putting some of the following things;

    I am a member of tPF
    I am not associated with Louis Vuitton
    The item you will receive is exactly as pictured
    100% authenticity guaranteed
    Refunds only offered for issues of authenticity and accompanied by written letter from Carol Diva or MyPoupette.

    I'm still confused on the whole Louis Vuitton thing though...it is a Louis Vuitton so say it is!

  10. ^^^^^^^

    Me too.
    I have always stated the full description, "Louis Vuitton" in my previous auctions with no problem...
    Perhaps it depends on your feedback score and the length of time on ebay (for me it's been around 6 years), so maybe that makes a difference too.....
  11. I'm sorry to hear this. This is why I try to avoid ebay as much as possible. I agree with the others to maybe write to ebay and include some kind of proof of purchase. Good luck!

    On a seperate note, after reading your post I HAVE to ask you, what kind of a dentist do you go to that charges 2,500 for a root canal? I have had them in the past and I thought the going rate was around 700-800?? You might want to look into another place?

    Good luck!!
  12. I've had that happen before and unfortunately when I wrote to them telling them that I have proof of purchase and that my listing is authentic, they referred me to their counterfeit policy. Subsequently, they have completely stopped me from listing anything Louis Vuitton. It's really irritating and I sympathise.
  13. Ebay is the devil.
  14. Hmm... Think ebay has so many rules n regulations that I am like half hearted to list them. I once listed an pony hair Balenciaga. I have all the papers to prove that it was authentic. Still some as##hole reported me. Til now i am still banned from selling branded stuff. I have an almost perfect record on ebay. :cursing:
  15. Same thing happened to me!!!!! :push: I complain to ebay & they said it was a counterfeit item & that I am not allow to sell brand name items. Ebay told me to appeal after 6 months. :sad: I was soooo mad because I know it's authentic as I have bought it in a store myself & I even post my receipt with it too. I have complaint to ebay many times & ebay still won't let me sell a certain brand name items. :confused1::confused1: I have my account since 2004 & 100% feedback too....I totally understand how you feel. :crybaby: