I HATE EBAY!!! They removed BOTH of my auctions for LV bags!!!!!

  1. First they pulled down my cerises speedy auction.

    Now they just pulled down my perfo pochette.

    I am so LIVID!!!!! :cursing:

    Why do they remove authentic auctions and then leave hundreds of nasty fakes up there?!

    I wrote eBay this message:

    I will not be selling on eBay ever again.

    This is the second time an auction of mine has been removed. Both times the items I was selling were authentic.

    This is both frustrating and damaging to my eBay seller reputation.

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh and I had BIDS on it too!!!!!!!!!
    Damn it!!!!!!!

    Rant officially over now.:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

  2. For a few weeks I have been looking everyday for a cabas mezzo. Everyday a new one or 2 pops up, and is removed within 24 hours. What is going on?
  3. I'm so sorry that it happened to you lv_obsessed, eBay can be such a pain in the butt sometimes. I thought you had a great deal on your perfo pochette and I even mentioned it on the Great Ebay Deals thread. Such a shame :sad:
  4. I think people who sell fakes maybe feel like authentic sellers are competition and they report it so they'll get more bids... maybe??? I dunno

    It's horrible though
  5. This is so stupid..I guess your only resort now is TPF's Marketplaza. I can't stand that they leave the obvious fakes up, then take off the authentic ones.
  6. Aaaaw, don't sell your Cerises... I remember how you wanted one so bad...
    Anyway, eBay has a huge problem, they need bag experts like us :yes: lol.
  7. maybe it'd help if you had an aboutME or yourWorld page up? Mine never get taken down.. and really i had one up a couple weeks ago too (though it sold in 10 minutes.. geeze!)

  8. That's a good idea frozen7313, I'll give it a whirl if I ever decide to sell on ebay again. Also, someone told me that if you don't have a photo of a receipt on your LV auction, they'll take it down...but that's so lame, receipts are the EASIEST thing to fake!!!!!:cursing:


  9. I saw that!!! Thanks MissL, that was very nice of you!!!:smile:
  10. Sorry to hear :sad:
    I hope that isnt the case regarding the bill. I was lucky and just two of my used bags there, with no issues.

    Have you sold lv on ebay before ?
  11. So sorry for that!!
  12. the same thing happend to me two days ago. they removed my MC bandeau saying that it was lvmh who told them they must remove it because my bandeau is not authentic. how can someone of lvmh say this? i've bought my bandeau at lv directly. i wrote lvmh and they told me they are sorry for this mistake and asked ebay to relist my bandeau....
  13. LV told eBay to remove your listing and you bought it directly from them? Hmm...:cursing:
  14. I just had two listings up for LV bags (w/o receipts), and both mine remained there just fine. However, I do have a 100% positive feedback rating for buying and selling authentic designer bags (mostly LV) -- although not a huge quantity or anything (I only have something like 32 ratings). Also, I have been an ebay member since like 2002. I think one thing they are doing is cracking down on newer members. Sorry this happened to you!
  15. same thing happened to me a few days ago they took down my gucci listing and emailed me not to put it back or they will suspend my account . i was so mad there are millions of fakes out there and they took down the real listings!! i practically "shouted" on my emails to them