I hate ebay! I hate ebay!!

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  1. :cursing:

    I tried listing a Chanel Jumbo Flap NWT and 100% authentic. Seems easy, right? Nope. 30 day restriction. I just had a conversation with Live Help who will not remove the restriction! I have been on eBay since 1998. 100% positive feedback. Seller Dashboard is perfect. No questions about authenticity. The representative told me that after carefully reviewing my account (for a whole 15 seconds) that they would not allow my listing and would not lift the restriction and to ask again in 90 days. I told her that I could find 3 Jumbo Flaps that are fake within 30 seconds, yet my one with all authenticity stuff is in question?? She disconnected me. I F*%$@G HATE EBAY! Mind you, I don't WANT to list my purse, but need the money for my puppy's medical bills. I could scream right now! Thanks for allowing the vent.
  2. Seems everyone is having this problem. Try listing on Bonanzle.com, many pf'ers have moved their bags there.
    Listing is free, selling fee is usually between $5-10. And all that ask is that your item be authentic. Very nice folks and they WILL remove reported fakes.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I just signed up with bonanzle :smile: eBay can kiss my a**
  4. :roflmfao:....:woohoo:
  5. Well, I listed on Bonanzle hours ago and my listing is still not there. Huh? Do people actually get results posting their bags on there?
  6. Yes... I just sold another bag. It does take a bit for it to show up, and you do need to make sure that you ACTIVATED your booth. And if you made any changes, that you UPDATED it.

    Email support@bonanzle.com if you have any problems....
  7. Another restricted seller here *waves hand*. For an LV Damier Speedy 30. 100% perfect feedback-been an ebay buyer/seller since 2002. I'm pissed, too! When inquired about being restricted, they moved mine to 90 days, too. If my sister doesn't buy my bag, I'm heading to Bonanzle as well.
  8. hahha... i did just thta tooo:P
  9. Welocome to Bonanzle, ladies. I sold another bag there today!
    Tell your friends!
  10. Yeah Ebay really does suck anymore!! Sorry they restricted you. Hopefully you can sell it on Bonanzle.
  11. #11 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    I tried to list a YSL bag today, and after spending a lot of time in uploading pictures, item description etc, ebay didn't let me list my item because of the stupid seller description. I'm so pissed.:cursing:

    I'm checking out Bonanzle.com, seems like their prices is a lot more $$$$
  12. Who do they think they are hanging up the phone on people? That is so annoying. Good luck on Bonanzle.
  13. I love bonanzle....ebay has restricted me too...bonanzle lets you list what u want ,,the only issue is getting people out there to go to bonanzle,,make sure u do the google base too...good luck!!:smile:
  14. ebays gone down hill
  15. eBay forced me to Bonanzle also, but I have sold absolutely nothing over there!! I don't know what you girls are doing that gets your bags sold. Would appreciate any tips.