I Hate Ebay!!!! Grr!!!

  1. I am so frustrated right now!!!!!!! I opened an eBay account about 2 months ago to do some selling of bags, clothes and shoes i didn't wear anymore. It's all really good stuff too, mj to lv ..louboutins and jimmys and even a chanel dress!! But I've had my Chloe paddington pulled down twice!! Cause it says it's violated trading policies or something, basically saying that it was reported as a fake! My bag is 100% Authentic! Brought from Chloe store myself! I even put up receipts to show it was real but that's not enough even!! They wanted a letter from Chloe to say it was real, i live in Brisbane in AUstralia. Am i suppose to take a plane to ny or paris and ask for a letter?? Not just that i tried listing other items too like a marc jacobs stam bag and an old birkin bag but they got pulled too and i can't relist them now either AND worse of all is that my account has now has it's selling abilities limited!! I can't sell anything with a designer brand name.....has anyone ever run into this problem? I am just so pissed with eBay right now.
  2. This is due to the fakers who sell counterfeits- I wonder if you can get yourself an account manager on eBay to help you with this?
    Good luck!
  3. Oh~ I am so sorry. Here is a number to call ebay.


    A real person may be able to help you there. I wish you luck and I am sorry for your trouble.:confused1:
  4. yup i had the same happen, they do that when you have less than 10 and 50 feedback.
    I think once you hit 50 you get "paypal buyer protection of $2000) and there are less restrictions on your account
  5. I think when you sell designer goods because of the fakes E-Bay is very strict. I would call them and try talking to them. If you don't sell your designer goods thru E-Bay you can always take them to a Designer Consignment Shop.
  6. You can do a search here as there are many threads on this subject.

    I put the following notes on my listings and have never had this happen:

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]DISCLAIMER:

    1. VERO , Please do not remove my listing. This handbag is from my personal collection and I only have this one. This handbag is authentic and I have the original receipt and tags as shown in my photographs.

    2. This listing is legally compliant as the item is 100% Authentic. I am not an authorized Chloe Dealer or representative, no warranties are expressed or implied. Chloe is a registered trademark.
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][/FONT]
  7. I am sorry to hear about your situation with Ebay. I have not had any problems with Ebay but I have with Paypal. At the end, it's the same thing. Without Paypal, you can't do much on Ebay. Hope everything gets resolved for you soon.
  8. Hi all thanks for all the advice. I think i'm going to collect some feedback first and let them know i am trustworthy and appeal my case and call up eBay. And thanks to gro6302 for the handy advice =)
  9. you could get your bag authenticated by my poupette , think ebay accept that , then forward that to ebay , don't wait to get it sorted , but do try and build up your feedback in the mean time .
  10. I've seen this disclaimer on two fake handbag auctions in the past two weeks.:sad:
  11. I listed some LV bags with no problems. I wonder if they target people with little feedback? How is your feedback rating?

    After I listed 2 bags I did have a message come up and tell me that I was only limited to those 2 bags. I emailed them and complained they lifted my limit. I tell ya its a science to buy and sell on ebay anymore.
  12. Wow that is horrible. I'm so sorry to hear that. I just started selling my bags on ebay myself, and now I'm afraid they might pull mine too. I have receipts up on my auctions as well, but from what your'e telling me, it may not matter. Is it possible that another ebay seller (like a competitor) complained about your bag so Ebay had to pull it?
  13. is it true that low feedback will do this to you? i have less than 10, all buys 100%, but i do want to sell some of my Chanels that I haven't used and now i'm afraid to even start!! how frustrating diorable!

  14. This is true to some extent. You have limitations placed on your account until you have reached a feedback score of 10. Limitations such as the amount of designer items you can list in a 7 days span and the amount of revisions you can make to a designer listing. :heart:
  15. Unfortunately eBay is riddled with counterfiets. The BEST thing you can do for yourself, your buyers and to appease eBay is have the item authenticated with a reputable authentication service such as mypoupette or caroldiva even if you know the item is authentic by first hand knowledge of your purchasing it from an authorized retailer. Both are widely used by honest eBay sellers and the fee is very teensie with respect to the benefits you will reap from the service. It will more than likely increase the selling price, give confidence to the buyers, eliminate the inevidable question of "do you guarantee authenticity" and prevent your listing from being pulled. :heart: