I Hate DHL.....

  1. I'll spare the details, but DHL has got to be the WORST package carrier on the planet. I've had nothing but problems with them and today was the last straw. There SHOULD be a box sitting on my front porch as we speak with a hot new Prada inside. Where is it? Who knows? DHL is feeding me the same garbage they fed me the last time they fouled up a delivery, when I had to stay on the phone until they delivered it: at 9:45PM. That's right 9:45 at night.

    I'd say "rant over" about now, but I'm about to split an artery or two right now. :cursing::cursing::cursing:
  2. I'm hating UPS at the moment. I track a package, it says its on the truck for delivery since 10/10. I call customer service this morning -- "Your package won't be delivered until 10/15"--click. Um, hello?

    /end rant.

    I swear, sometimes it'd be worth it to just pay extra and have it shipped overnight. Hope you get yours sorted out - mine is just a pair of shoes, I'd be hurting someone if it was a Prada bag inside!
  3. I despise UPS- they always try to deliver when I'm at work- they leave a note on my door, I call to schedule a pickup, so I don't have to wait . . . go to pick it up- and it takes them foreverrrrrr to find it! I've waited as long as 45 min.
  4. Oh man that really sucks! I would completely freak out.
  5. I am glad it came PP. they can all screw up at times, that's for sure....I have problems with every carrier at one point of another.
  6. ^^^It gets better, Tink. I was doing something and accidently clicked the tracking number for this bag. The box was sitting on my front porch at 12:00 OK, the bag is now in my house, has my things in it and at 1:20 they had changed the tracking info to say they delivered it to MY OFFICE and someone named "Ratchford" had signed for it! Uh, among other things, there IS no Ratchford at our office!! I even called my office to see if it was something else, but of course there weren't any packages.

    What a bunch of incompetents!! :wacko:
  7. I had problems with DHL too! My house is way off the street, we have a long driveway. Believe it or not they left a package at the top near the mailbox on the ground. Anyone could of just taken it walking by! I forget what it was but it was a designer item, not cheap!
    The last time I returned some fendi shoes back to Bluefly. He picked it up at my house and never scanned it! It took about 2 weeks before I could sigh of relief that it was rec'd. I had been on the phone 4 times with them and each time someone said they would return my call and never did!
  8. I've had the same problem before where they claimed they had delivered the parcel and a neighbor had collected and signed for it. They even made up a name like "Elizabeth Smith". So, after phoning a lot of people the shop kindly sent a new handbag, which didn't get delivered either. So after I'd spent yet another day on the phone to the shop and dhl, BOTH handbags got delivered that very same evening (I returned one of them, by the way).

    Good luck with your delivery... just remember to be perseverant and talk directly to a manager... the poor people at the oter end on the phone can't really do anything to help you!
  9. YES!!!! I had 5 large packages delivered to my house that didn't even belong to me! They were just left on the side of my house.....and they were addressed to my neighbor down the street!! When I called to tell them, they actually seemed annoyed!! It took them 4 more hours to pick them up and deliver to the right person......what an organization?!!!

  10. Today I had the privilege of an angry DHL delivery man calling from outside my door because I hadn't "picked up" the delivery slip they left in the lobby three days ago. And I had to pay him $98 for the privilege of receiving this mud-encrusted excuse for a package.

    WHAT. The bleeding bag was only $800! :hysteric:

    *eyeroll* Thanks, DHL. Thanks, Kooba. You've earned a special place in my ... heart.

  11. They are as slow as snails, too!!!!
  12. Never worked with DHL myself for which I am now glad :p I myself have a thing against USPS- Priority is generally fine, but I HATE HATE HATE standard- so unbelievably slow and the tracking # is virtually worthless considering how often they update it. Longtime UPS Ground/ 3 Day Select fan here :tup: