I Hate DHL!!! (Singapore shipment)

  1. AAAAGGGh! My Jack and Lucie was sent quite speedily from Singapore, but unbeknownst to me, it ended up with DHL. And no, they didn't leave the package with my Management Office. It took three exasperating phone calls, before I could talk to a human being and advise them. So if you're thinking of buying from Singapore, you might get stuck with DHL. Just a warning. After all this, I hope it's real.....
  2. honestly, from singapore, i doubt it. but it depends all on who you got it from i guess. i've had a hard time with dhl, and that was something just sent from florida!! it seems they never have the right address, it gets routed wrong, etc. i've had a total of 3 things sent to me via dhl and all 3 have had some type of issue. i recently shipped an item and the guy at the pack and post place i used suggested dhl because it would be cheaper. i said "oh, not on your life!"
  3. p.s. you can post pics once you get it and the members here could tell you if it's authentic. these guys all seem like such experts.
  4. It doesn't start out as DHL, something called EMS, DHL must have the contract..if I would have known it was DHL, I would have passed it up. Will post pix, when I get it. ...
  5. Yup, if the seller shipped via EMS, the contract is with DHL. I've not had much problems so far? Did the seller include your contact number?
  6. She did, but did they actually call? No. I got disconnected three times just trying to get some info.
  7. Oy, one of the worst shipping services I have ever encountered! Sorry you had to deal with them for your package; I hope you get it! The only shipping service I dislike second to that is FedEx, and they're not nearly as bad as DHL!!! Booo.
  8. Oh dear, I hope everything gets resolved.
  9. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope everything turns out to be OK. I've purchased from Singapore before and it always gets delivered (in Canada) by either Canada Post or Purolator Courier (depending if there are customs to be paid or not).
  10. i got a bag shipped from US to Sydney via DHL with express delivery.
    It sat at their Sydney Office for 4 days after being "scheduled for delivery"

    I was expecting the DHL guy to actually delivery it, but they contracted it out to the normal EMS Global Express guys (which are contractors for Australia post)

    In the end, the DHL took 2 weeks to delivery the bag, whereas if it was shipped EMS Global, it would have taken 5 days (1 week at the most)

    Oh, and it cost more with DHL as well.
  11. Update
    The package was waiting for me when I went to the office. Pretty quick. Whole transaction, less than a week. :yahoo:
  12. so the verdict on dhl is:?????? yay or nay?
  13. i shipped Fedex for a buyer form Canada, the s&h is around 110 USD, but the buyer received the bag in 48 hours after i send it out....