I hate decisions!!!!

  1. :hysteric:

    One of them have to go, but I can't decide.. I love them ALL, but DH says NO MORE!

    To make room for blue india part time I must get rid of:
    -Teal First or
    - LV Monogram PM or
    - Rouge vif day (I don't think I can really put this one in the running) or
    - Special Order Damier Cabas Mezzo

    Please cast your vote. I leave it in your hands :crybaby: .
  2. bye bye LV!
  3. I vote sell LV Monogram PM (sorry LV fans...)
  4. LV monogram PM
  5. LV Monogram PM buh bye!
  6. LV Monogram PM

    (by the way why did we all choose that one????)
  7. Oh God, dump the LV, remember, LV bags are nothing more that plastic coated canvas for petes sake! The PM bag will probably never retire, so you can buy a new one another time if you wanted it that bad..sell Louis!
  8. :roflmfao: You guys are funny! Maybe I should post the same thread in LV forum to get the other bias :P

    I have to say, I have to agree, but will I even be able to get what I paid for out of it... probably not :crybaby:

    Oh well.... the tribe has spoken :wlae:
  9. LV bags are more than just "plastic coated canvas" but all of us LV lovers know that. HOWEVER.....I agree, ya need to sell the PM.
  10. LV Monogram PM...will this vote still count even after the tribe has spoken?
  11. ^Hee hee...I vote the same!
  12. Just curious, monogram pm what?? I like Louis but it is fairly easy to replace if you should decide you want to.
  13. i'm going to be the outlier here and vote for the rouge day (but that's only bc i prefer other b-bag reds more). i really like the LV mono PM esp being an MJ fan, but if you can't let the rouge vif go, i would let the PM go. i'm sure it will be there for you to purchase again in the future if you wanted.
  14. LV mono because it's replaceable and I would never ever sell a Bbag when I have Louis to sell because most of them aren't limited editions and will be around even if you decide to re-buy later. And the mono is so flashy IMO that I wouldn't be too sad to let it go.
  15. I feel your pain, because I am thinking of selling my multicolor trouville for so I can purchase a city bag. ARGH! Decisions are tough!!