I hate decisions: diamond shine, in black or red?

  1. Ladies,

    After a bit back and forth, I thought I was pretty set on the red diamond shine flap, until I saw a black one tonight on a girl. She was wearing a little black dress and the black diamond shine looked so elegant.

    Please those of you who bought the diamond shine line, who must have faced similiar decisions, what did you think? The black is timeless and elegant, but that red ombre is SO gorgeous...:s
  2. oooh, tough decision!
    I've only seen red and blue!

    I thought I loved red too. . . but blue is beautiful and I bet black is too!

    :shocked: SORRY! :shame:
  3. gees, there's a blue one too? I refuse to even find out how that one looks like! :blink:
  4. it's purty!:heart:

    My NM has the small tote in blue, it's a deep/dark blue.
  5. I LOVE THE RED!!! The Blue is AMAZING, but the red is HOT!!!!:yahoo:
    chanel 9-30 070.jpg chanel 9-30 077.jpg chanel 9-30 093.jpg
  6. :nuts: Omg that red is TDF Thompk!!

    Go for the red Tods!
  7. i've only seen the red in the tote size, and it's really gorgeous.
    the black is fab too; you can't go wrong with either, but i'd get the red!
  8. I have seen the diamond shine bag in both red and black, and I actually bought the red but returned it.

    I'd say go for the black one, if I don't have the star-stitched bag from last year I would have gotten the diamond shine flap in black. Though the red one is gorgeous too, but I think black looks more chic and hip but at the same time elegant. And I found it hard to find something that will go with the red in my wardrobe (well, I would love to have a red chanel bag someday but I am picky as to what kinda red). My vote go to black!
  9. I just saw them at the boutique yesterday!!! I love the red and i'm thinking of getting the red in flap as my next purchase
  10. Black is classic, but nothing stands out like the red one. Go for it!
  11. I'd say RED! How striking is that?
  12. I have only seen the red -- in the tote and the smaller size -- and it is gorgeous.
  13. Red!!!
  14. Red too!
  15. no one does black better than chanel!