I hate days like this... :(

  1. I've just had one of those days, you know? I'm horribly unhappy and in need of a hug or a pick-me-up or something.

    I don't like my job at all and I'm actually trying to an assistant manager's position at Coach. I'll know Friday if it's mine or not. The interview with my manager regarding the position went really well today.

    But at my full-time job that I'm so desperate to get rid of, today was a horrible day. I'm a graphic artist. My boss is a tyrant anyway and I can't stand him, but today he enacted a new rule that during our downtimes we're to preoccupy ourselves by dusting and reading the company handbook till we've memorized it. We're no longer allowed to use the phone at all unless it's business and our e-mails and internet are being tracked. We are not under any circumstances to use our e-mail for ANYTHING but business. We can't even have personal addresses in our address book. We are also not allowed to use the internet at all. Our access has completely been cut off except to one website that we use for FTP. So we have no connection to the outside world and now he wants us to DUST in our spare time. I DON'T GET PAID ENOUGH FOR THAT CRAP. And he was in a terrible mood and being horrid to me and my coworkers all day.

    Then I come home and my DH is completely indifferent. He's been drinking beer and though he has no job he says his day was just as hard as mine and he's more interested in his playstation.

    Do you guys just ever have ONE OF THOSE DAYS? You just get so down.... :crybaby:
  2. I'm sorry!!! I have one of those days every day with where I work. I am trying to find a new job, as well. I hope your dh doesn't frequently drink or have a problem!
  3. Ack! Although the workplace does have the right to tell you what you can and cannot do on the computer etc it would have been nicer if he had presented this info in a bit more "user friendly" manner. But if my DH did not have a job and sat home all day that would be the bigger problem.
  4. Sorry your day was so crummy and you got zero support from dh. We all have days like that--sometimes the littlest thing will get me down and when I feel no one understands it's that much worse. I'm sure it won't seem so bad tomorrow or the day after. The great thing about life is it's different every day--tomorrow is a new day and you can make it better.

  5. I'm sorry you had such a bad day...yes, we all have those days....cheer up!!!! Work is done, and maybe in a couple of days you'll find out you don't have to work there anymore! Good luck to getting your new job!!! :flowers:
  6. Thanks for the hugs and nice words, ladies. tPF'ers rock.
  7. Hang in there. I hope tomorrow goes better. Sending you hugs.
  8. Amen to that! :yes::yes:
  9. Once you've memorized the company manual, you can read something else.(Then, hide something interesting to read in the manual.)
  10. get a sidekick :smile: then you can hold it inside your manual and secretly go on TPF!!!! :smile:

    thats what i do in class all day long! hehe
  11. but im sorry you have had a crappy day! :heart: sarah it will get better :smile: and goodluck with the asst mgr joB! how exciting!!