I hate cooking!!

  1. There I said it, I hate cooking.

    I hate the chopping part, I hate the stirring part, I hate hot water/oil splashing on to my hands, I hate cleaning up the mess I make from all the peeling/chopping, I hate doing the dishes, even putting them into the dish washer, and I especially hate the cleaning the grime off the stove part.

    In the beginning I kept reminding myself of how wonderful and romantic it feels to eat a wholesome homecooked meal prepared with love, and watching my husband happily chowing down and thanking me in everyway was worth all the work.... but now I just can't stand it.

    We've been eating out for the past 2.5 months, and although I'm happy I don't cook, my husband has gained 8 lbs.!!!!

    I am seriously thinking about getting prepared/balanced/nutritious meals delivered to us. I've heard of this being done. Anyone know about this? Can someone recommend how I go about delivering meals to our home?

    Should I look into weightwatchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem?? Are their food any good?

    Any input would be great
  2. I hate cooking too & eat out everyday. But I've heard such good things about Nutrisystem, the bad part is that after awhile it does get expensive. umm..you shouldn't have a problem though if you're like me spending about $30.00 + on meals a day it should even out. I think it's maybe (don't quote me on this) about $20.00 a day. They even have a promotion that if you sign up to receive the meals they give you a week free.

    As for Jenny Craig well you have probably seen as much as me...the only thing I can say about it is Kristie Alley.

    Weight watchers are probably easier to come by because alot of grocery stores carry it & you don't have to go to the WW centers to get them or delivered to your door. They also (if you decide to cook) have great low in points foods that you can make. If you do decide to do any of these tell us which plan & if it's working?!
  3. Wow I love cooking.

    Why not try eating out healthy? Going to japanese restaurants and eating things like edamame (filling, low cal, low fat, HIGH protein!), miso soup, handrolls (nothing fried), etc? Limit your portions. If you eat japanese eat 1 roll, not 2 or 3, like the average american. And if you're still hungry, order the soy beans as a filler. Or go to nice pizzaria's, and order a gourmet slice of pizza - only one slice - and it's not bad for you. I love cooking, but in the heat we often eat out, but we try to make healthy choices. If you go to a restaurant, order the salad bar - but make sure to use light dressing, if any, and a small amount. Salad bars at places like Ruby Tuesday's have ALOT of good-for-you foods to add to your salad, including marinated mozzarella cheese with basil and fresh tomatoes, boiled egg, smoked ham, and an array of cheeses. These salads can be SO filling, and good for you if you don't soak your meal in fatty dressing.

    You can also go to a grocery store and pick up lean cuisine's - most of them are very good for you, and the portions good sizes. Just make sure to check the carbs on some of them - like their pizza is low fat, low cal, but one small pizza has about 65 grams of carbohydrates, and to me that's just crazy if you don't plan to burn them. But their stuffed cabbage lean cuisine is AMAZING, and satisfying! Not only that, but they're quick to make - pop em in the microwave for about 7 minutes and they taste delish!

    Last but not least, south beach foods are GREAT.
    I SWEAR by the South Beach pizza's - they are low cal and made with harvest wheat crust, they are SOOO good. These I sugest you put in the oven though, not the microwave. For an added touch I add extra topping - my favorite is mushrooms - you can get them sliced from the supermarket all ready for you, just through them on the frozen south beach pizza, top it with a little salt, pepper, and garlic and throw it in the oven! I SWEAR it tastes like bad-for-you pizza, like pizza hut. Simply AMAZING - and they come with all different toppings if you don't wanna do it yourself ;)

    They also have an array of snacks, frozen meals, wraps, and breakfasts! Check em out ;)
  4. my mom's the opposite. she loves to cook & so does dad. we have home cooked meals most of the time. i dont know what is it, but she can't seem to stay away from the kitchen. she likes to wash the dishes as soon as possible. she preps my dad's, lil bro and my lunch everyday. she's a superwoman!
  5. I hate cooking too. I can't stand it. We eat out often and when the hubby is home, he primarily makes the meals when we eat at home. WHen he's not home (he travels often) I usually eat out for lunch or graze at home and then don't eat anything for dinner as I'm usually not hungry. In fact, I hate it when he's home because he cooks and I gain weight! (hard to turn down the food when you smell it cooking right?) I could never have been June Cleaver with dinner on the table every night. That's like as much fun to me as being in the hardware section of Sears.
  6. What about something like Dream Dinners or similar chains where you assemble a whole bunch of meals and then can freeze them for later? That way THEY do the clean up and all you do is heat up dinner. I don't know how that compares price-wise with having other meals delivered.

    Or how about having your husband clean up if you do the cooking or vice versa, so you aren't stuck doing everything?
  7. I love cooking, but I never do because I hate, no I'm sorry I DESPISE cleaning up.
  8. You must understand that we have been doing this!!
    But we are not maki people just sashimi...
    Also, we evidently go out to eat a lot of carbs and meat, Italiain, Steak...Pizza...Korean, French, Chinese, Spanish Tapas... etc..
    The $$ sure adds up, as well as the calories....

    Anyhow... Please Please correct me if I'm wrong, (I hope you do) but I feel that any "FROZEN dinner" is bad, too much chemicals, anything in a can has too much preservatives, anything sugarfree has too much chemical sweeteners....

    I went to the Nutrisystem webpage and one look at the foods they delivered and I lost my appetite for the day.... :crybaby:
  9. I also hate the entire process.

    It sounds like you do ALL of the preparation, cooking and cleaning up. If you do, would it be possible for your husband to help out?

    For example, at our house, I do the preparation and cooking, but my husband has the responsibility in clearing the table and cleaning up. It makes it a bit more bearable for me...
  10. There are a ton of simple meals to put together... Let's see. What about Uncle Ben's Rice in the packet- 90 seconds in the microwave. You can buy a can of beans/chili to go with it (they have that with soup) and some chicken cutlets that will take 10 minutes on a frying pan. Than you can get a bag of lettuce and buy dressing.. that is an easy meal right there! there are lots of quick meals that don't take much cleaning up or preparing and still taste great and are good for you :flowers:
  11. i don't know if this will help but ... my friend (male, gay) who's living on his own for the first time in his life, got a crockpot/slow cooker. he swears by it and uses it for stews, soups, etc. he buys cubed or ground meat or chicken; peeled shrimp or cubed deboned fish; fresh vegetables that require minimal prep like carrots, onions, potatoes, mushrooms; bottled sauces like tomato, alfredo, different curries like thai, malaysian, indian, puts everything in the slow cooker and forgets about it. when he's ready to eat, it's all done -- fresh, hot, substantial meals. if you're concerned about what goes into the packaged or bottled sauces, you can find organic or healthier brands. he eats out of the pot, puts the leftovers in the fridge, and when he's done, he just needs to wash one pot. he makes porridge, oats, and recently experimented with moroccan tadgine.

    one night he invited a few of us to dinner and his menu was:

    goan fish curry
    malaysian beef rendang
    thai chicken soup with lemon grass

    all cooked in the crockpot separately.

    some slowcooker cookbooks:

  12. Is there like some kind of deli which cook organic things for you that you buy and then heat (in one way or another depending on your preference) when you get home? I did this about a year ago when I hurt my arm so I couldn't use two hands to cook, LOL.

    But basically like everybody else is saying get your DH to sort out the mess and while he's at it other housework as well LOL (added benefit: he will lose those 8lbs!)

    Personally I love cooking but I'm getting scared cooking this evening because I'm supposed to cook lobster and I bought one alive but I can't bring myself to hammer a screw driver down its back!
  13. Not too crazy about cooking too, especially on a daily basis. I don't mind special meals like Thanksgiving or something fun like lobster bisque. With a todddler we cook alot more than we used to in order to make sure she is eating healthy and a wider variety of food. Once in a while we still oder in pizza or do Chinese take out and cut ourselves some slack !
  14. I have thought of getting nutrisystems too. I think its like $10 a day. My hubby generally does most of the cooking around here though, and its hard to get on these kind of programs with kids. (they always want some and sharing such small portions would be hard for me, hahah!)
  15. Baah..It kind of sounds like I don't have the proper skills for cooking.. LOL

    Even cooking a simple pasta requires, 1 pot to boil water for pasta, 1 drainer to drain the water/pasta, 1 skillet to cook all the meat/veggies (that I need to peal, chop and prepare) and add pasta sauce, 1 pan to mix and stir with the pasta and all the spatulas, utencils...

    Of course it's not a well balance meal to eat just pasta, you need salad.. so I have to wash/chop/drain/toss the salad as well....
    and all the dishes.. :sad:

    And then my lazy husband doesn't to the dishes right after dinner and saves it for later, which drives me crazy by next morning.... by then I can't even load them to the dishwasher because all the gunk greese is stuck to the pans...pots.. I must prewash them.. :hysteric:
    I get so sick of the cycle.. I stop cooking.. thus eating out..

    (1) I'll definitely look into the crockpot we can just eat out of the pot...

    (2) Megs, that's about the only thing we eat at home, salads and sandwiches...Rice requires too much sides, like chicken and veggie

    (3) We did the organic deli thing.. from wholefoods it's never enough as a meal unless you buy in variety and they are more expensive than eating in a restaurant :sad:

    (4) Now, we use paper plates at home... I just can't drink out of plastic cups all the time, so we still get a load of glasses, cups, mugs.. and bowls from eating cereal...