1. I am trying to set up a website, I have been trying for 1 week. I got this thing (don't know if I can say the name in case of promoting so I won't) any way you enter a code and then go about picking how you want your site to look. The box says "seriously easy"" oh yeah so why can't I do it :cursing: :cursing:

    After emailing support (ha that's a laugh) they suggested lowering cookies and putting this website on an approaved list I've done that still no luck then they suggested it may be because I use AOL and I should use internet explorer. My computer has internet explorer but I can't get it to connect to the web. I am SSSSOOO frustrated!! It is driving me crazy granted I'm not the best on a computer but I can get around.

    Right now I hate this thing AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!:cursing: :cursing:
  2. Oh, that is so frustrating. A few years ago I built a web site for my son's school...it was so hard and frustrating, I have not done it since. Hang in there, hopefully you will figure it out soon.
  3. Ok, so you're trying to create a website. Where's the site going to be hosted? I assume on the site that you're not mentioning? Usually, what happens is you create an acct, then design your page, and save it. These sites make it rather easy in that you don't have to FTP anything directly to the server. They do all the hard work behind the scenes for you.
    What problems are you experiencing? Can you not see your page at all?
  4. ^ you have to go to an activation page and enter a code they give you after that do all your designing etc but when I type in the address for the page I need to put the code into it screen comes up saying something about cookies are not enable...but they are I've allowed pop ups from this site, put them on the approved site list and accepted cookies from the even tried lowering firewall but nothing works
  5. Try clearing the cookies and close out IE and then reopen it. See if that helps.
  6. ^ thanks but tried that and still no luck I use AOL for some reason internet explorer won't open but AOL will
  7. :sad: AOL does crazy things to your computer. I've always thought of it as somewhat devil-ish. :p
  8. Hmmm..it's really hard to troubleshoot over the net, but in your IE settings, make sure it's using your LAN connection and not a dialup.
    And yes to AOL being the devil. I'd stop using that ASAP, if you can.
  9. Thanks everyone I'll keep trying fingers crossed