I HATE Comcast!

Jul 24, 2007
I'm not sure if this is the right forum.......

Anyway, I absolutely hate Comcast. I would be so happy if they went bankrupt or got sued and had to fold. They have the worst so called "customer service" in the history of mankind. My basic cable is included with my monthly assessments. I have had my condo for 2.5 years, and 8 months ago, I added a cable box to get high definition channels. I didn't get a bill until 5 months into the service. I thought - how could a utility company be so stupid not to send me bills? I never really thought anything of it. I finally start getting paper bills in the mail, but the charges are all over the place w/little explanation. I called and called and called. Three out of the four people I spoke to were completely incompetent - I doubt they even had a GED!

I finally figured out on my own that the previous owners of my condo had auto bill pay set up for their cable internet (also through Comcast), and when they moved out, Comcast never disconnected their credit card from the account. Comcast, being the lazy idiots that they are, never closed out that account, and just put my name as the only person ever on the account even though I didn't live here for the first two years! So I guess the previous residents were unknowingly paying for my bill for the first 5 months. They finally complained, and then now there are all these chargebacks WITH a late charge. Anyway, while I kept calling Comcast, they were "supposed to investigate" my issue w/a supervisor. Of course, the lazy morons never called me back, and so they just disconnected my high definittion service!

I finally went in person to a payment center to see if I could get it resolved, and this woman was a piece of work. She made it seem like I was taking advantage of the previous residents by having them pay my bill. Are you serious? What a b*tch! I didn't even know that anyone was paying for my bill. I just thought it got lost in all the paperwork. I have no problem paying for the monthly services. She said I should pay the previous residents back even though Comcast already credited them back for those charges. (Why would I give money to the previous residents when they took so long to figure this out on their end AND they're already reimbursed by Comcast?!) This is why I am now getting all these late charges! It's Comcast's fault for charging and billing the wrong party!

In order to get it reactivated, I have to pay a $30 reconnection! Are you serious? I get disconnected b/c they are too lazy to close out the old account, too lazy to set up a new account for me, too lazy to figure out this problem, too lazy to contact me when they said they would. Gosh, I am so frustrated. :cursing:I'm just glad that in the end it's not that expensive. I am just going to ship the ugly, antiquated cable box back to them on their dime.

Let this serve as a warning - if you are in search of cable services - get a satellite and avoid comcast like the plague! Ok I'm off my soapbox now.


Sep 21, 2007
That sounds really frustrating... I had Comcast when I lived in the Midwest and never had a problem. I can't believe that they are acting like it is your fault for the billings. My guess is that someone is getting chewed out on their end due to the prior customer's complaints. I'd make sure that you get confirmation from a manager though that they remove the late charges and all that from the account as it pertains to you. I don't even know if Comcast reports to credit agencies (never seen it on a report), but maybe pull a credit report in a few months, around the time you get your free from your state and check to make sure everything is okay?


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Sep 19, 2006
I switched from comcast about 2 years ago...I had nothing but problems with them...continually...and I am not usually a big compainer, The had the worst customer service ever. The bill kept going up and up. The final straw was on 1 bill it said, please beaware your service fees will be in increasing next month. No amount, just will be increasing...I called and had to speak to 4 people before someone could tell me what the the new monthy charge would be. It was going to go up from 59.00 a month to 86.00 a month! almost 30% increase. Ridiculous. While I was on the phone with a supervisor, I looked up direct Tv, they had a package for 59.00 with more chanels, free installation and a free TiVo (it was still Tivo from them at this time)..I said to the manager, can you give me one good reason I should stay with comcast? He said, you have to do what you have to do. I asked when am I paid through...since I know you prepay, he said 4 more days. I said turn it off before the new cycle. He said you'll never get installation that fast. I said oh, well...I called Direct TV, they were here 2 days later. My bill hasn't gone up once in almost 2 years.


Mar 28, 2006
IMO, you should have contacted Comcast long ago to find out where your bill was. You said you thought it got lost? What did you think was going to happen? When were you going to tell them the bills hadn't gotten to you? Sorry, but it sounds like you bear some of the blame here.
Jul 24, 2007
IMO, you should have contacted Comcast long ago to find out where your bill was. You said you thought it got lost? What did you think was going to happen? When were you going to tell them the bills hadn't gotten to you? Sorry, but it sounds like you bear some of the blame here.
I tried to get a bill, but everytime I called, they said there was $0 balance since it was on autopay through the previous resident. Regardless, why is it my job to make sure that they do their job and send me the bill? If they want payment, then they should send out monthly bills.

I really just hope this doesn't affect my credit scores b/c it's totally not my fault that it's "late". They refuse to remove all the late charges.


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Mar 31, 2006
LOL! We have probably dealed with the same idiots as I am in Chicago, too.
I moved here about 6 months ago, and it was just CRAZY getting the tv's, phones, internet, etc. hooked up with them. First, I wanted the televisions on. They sent this VERY INCOMPENTENT "technician" out to hook up the tv's and the phones. He did only one phone and one tv, and while waiting for the phone to be activated, he sat on MY COUCH watching MTV on MY TV!!!!:wtf: It's like WTH, why are you making yourself comfortable in my home?? That's why I wanted him to only hook up one tv and one phone at that time. Then, a few weeks later I wanted the other tv's and phones hooked up. The "techinician" comes to my house, talking with a buddy on his cell phone, does not take off his shoes, asks ME for tools(like wrench, etc.), and I am thinking, aren't you supposed to have all this??!! All while in the meantime this "technician" has the slightest idea what he was doing, I figured I don't want him to mess something up, so I told him I am going to regroup on connecting the other TV's and phones, so he left while on his cell phones with his buddy. Luckily, I finally had someone who knew what they were doing and who was polite come over and do their job correctly.
Then, when I finally wanted the internet hooked up, I got a router to hook up to the modem thing. The internet didn't work at all. So, I called Comcast customer service. I talked to about, no joke, 20 people before I finally got an answer as to what was wrong with the internet. Those about 20 people either 1. hung up on me 2. had no idea what to do 3. told me to do something completely irrelevant to fix the internet 4. hang up on me.
It was ridiculous. I was the one who finally figured out my own problem after having a person on the phone say I had to do something with IP addresses, but he said he didn't know how to do it(of course.) So, I had to figure out all that IP configuration stuff myself through research.
Their customer service in my experience is a hassle obviously.
Other times I have noticed how my internet will be incredibly slow in the very morning hours, like 4-5 am sometimes, and I don't know if this is Comcast's problem or what, but by no means will I call to find out, lol.