I Hate Coach!

  1. Okay... so I don't really hate coach, but they really ticked me off today! I purchased a bag a couple of weeks ago, and then just recently changed my mind. Well in the mean time my debit card was stolen that I made the purchase with, and coach will NOT refund my 500 dollars. The bag is in perfect condition with tags.. completely unused and they will ONLY issue me store credit. Normally I would not be so ticked that I just had store credit, but I bought a balenciaga twiggy and could really use that 500 dollars. I shop there all the time, and called the service desk, to no avail. It is their policy to ONLY return to the ORIGINAL card number, unless I get a letter from my bank stating that my NEW card, which i have yet to recieve, is from the same account as my old card. I can not believe they would do this to a regular customer. So, I am just sitting here looking at this bag that I don't want. Do i get store credit.. or lose money and try to sell it on ebay? I'm so mad... durn it.:rant:
  2. Ugh that sucks. I dont especially like coach either.
  3. Just get the letter from the bank. The return period should be at least 30 days. You should have your new card within 3 days of reporting stolen. Just tell the person on the platform at your branch about the problem and she should type you up a letter immediately. If not, get the manager to do so.
  4. Yea, I agree with JoV. Actually, does Coach even have a deadline for returns?

    Another thing you could do is get the store credit and sell it on ebay. You won't be out too much since I've notice store credits fetch almost market value on ebay
  5. This really isn't Coach's fault. I don't know ANY retailer that would return to a card that is different than the one the purchase was made with. I agree with the other girls...get the letter from the bank and go back to the store....should be very quick to get the letter....I had to get one once when I used BillPay to pay my rent and the payment got lost....the banker had it for me in like 5 minutes.
  6. I pm'd you. This happened to me and you can get a refund with the card that replaced the old one. If its a totally different card and you didn't replace the stolen one, no refund will be issued.
  7. I bank with regions and they seem to be really slow about getting me my card, but ANYWAYS.. I've calmed down and will just get store credit. I just didn't want to go through all that hassel of going to the bank..requesting some dumb letter, and then COACH giving me some other excuse as to why I couldn't get a refund. I understand that it's no exactly protocol to refund to a different card number, but it feels like *I'M* being punished again for my debit card being stolen. blah blah... it just sucked because i just spent SO MUCH on my new bag, and I'm just going to sit on 500 dollars I can only spend at coach.. that's HALF a new balenciaga! :^) Thanks for the feedback... I'll live !! Oh and serendipity3kb I missed your PM my pop up blocker poofed it away! :^(
  8. I was actually going to say, getting the letter could be tricky... depending on your bank I suppose.

    $500 credit isn't too too bad. It's still your money... only sucks that you can't use it anywhere you'd like to. Hehe.

    Have a lovely day!!!!!! :o)
  9. I would probably just get the store credit. The new line comes out in a few days. Maybe you will find something you love. It is frustrating though when you are a good customer and they can't or won't help you.
  10. Coach does not have deadlines for returns. You can return it anytime as long as the merchandise is in unused condition. I can't believe they wouldn't give you a refund. Try another coach store and see what they say.

  11. I agree...maybe try another store if there's another one around your area.But as for the refund..just do what they asked you for...I'm sure they just want to make sure that you were the one that made the purchase...most stores are afraid that they are crediting money back to the wrong person, so it's just for safety.

  12. I don't think the store is the problem...its the refund. And you're exactly right....unless they credit the purchase to the same card...there could be all kinds of funny stuff going on...someone using a credit card and trying to return it to a debit card. Someone returning something a family member bought and trying to get the money.... Its really no different than the fact that most stores will not give you cash when you return something even with a gift receipt these days. They'll give you store credit. Not returning this purchase to the same card leaves them no choice but to give store credit.

    Like I said before, your bank shouldn't have a problem writing you a letter .... I'm sure this kind of thing is needed often when someone loses their wallet. And if your bank DOES give you a hard time - its time for a new bank. If you get the letter then you CAN get your money back...instead of being dissapointed in Coach for something that isn't their fault.
  13. I went to a different store and the SA was happy to help me, and didn't have an attitude about the situation. She didn't really understand why the other store wouldn't be so courteous. She told me that as soon as my new card comes in bring it in and they will scan it. Seeing how MY name is on the receipt, I am not trying to SCAM anyone by putting it on a different card. I'm just glad it could be resolved in a positive manner as getting my debit card number stolen was enough negativity on its own.