I hate choices...need some advice!

  1. I found this fantastic designer resale boutique and I'm very unsure of what to get. I can only spend about $200, but they're all so fantatsic for me! Here are my options:

    A vintage Roberto Cavalli Vest ($85) and a Moschino Cheap & Chic shirt ($65)

    A Comme Des Garcons jacket ($200)

    An older Gianfranco Ferre jacket ($250), in which case I'd have to borrow money from my father and pay him back later.

    I'm unsure about the first pair; I'm a little worried about the slight floral effect on the vest.
    HELP (please)!!!
  2. First of all, BORROW THE MONEY !!!!!! I love the Jacket OMG !!! I'm not a fan of the vest....., right now, all I see is that Jacket. :love: :love: :nuts:
  3. I can't look further than the jacket meself!!! If you don't get it...you have to tell me where it is! It is unbeleivable!!!! Borrow the $$$$!!! Also, sometimes at consignment shops, you can ask for a further discount...have you tried that yet??
  4. jacket.

    hands down
  5. For the love of god, borrow the money and get the jacket.:drool:
  6. How about you tell me where I can buy, and I will get it, and maybe you can borrow it from me. :idea:

  7. Prada...you and I may have to fight over it:ninja: :ninja: :ninja: !!!! She better hurry up and buy it...or one of us is going to track that bad boy down!!!

  8. That's it! I'm calling the store right now and having it reserved for me! Jacket it is. I'll be posting a picture of me wearing MY jacket next week! (insert evil laugh here)
  9. [​IMG] Look how good it looks on me !!!
  10. I already have my ticket to Chicago as we speak.... should be there in a couple of hours or so :wlae:
  11. That jacket is TDF! get it!
  12. Totally agree, that jacket is awesome!!!
  13. Oooh!! Pics please!!!

    That's a gorgeous jacket! :yes:
  14. That's an awesome looking jacket!! Very nice!!!
  15. I like the Comme des Garcon jacket.