I HATE Chenal SA..they know nothing

  1. i am begining to hate all the chanel SAs cos they know nothing about their products.

    i personally feel that us ladies in here qualify to work for Chanel and as a personal shopper than those muppets in the stores.

    sorry to be so angry but i've asked my cousin to go to chanel to ask abt the purple 2.55 and the lady looked at her like she was from another planet and said to my cousin 'here is this season catalogue there is no purple and what you see is what you get. are you sure you've seen purple 2.55?'. with the tone trying to imply 'what you saw could be a fake.

    so rude and my cousin felt so embrassed. anyway i'm sure there are nice SAs around.
  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my SA's both at the Chanel boutique and at NM.
    There's always an asshat in the bunch, sorry your cousin found one :sad:
  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    muppets...asshat...you guys are KILLIN me!!
  4. me too. i love the wording used here!

    kaka28, i'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your cousin. i've actually never had a very bad SA at chanel yet, though some definitely are less knowledgable than others about their products. :rolleyes:
  5. My S/A @ Bloomingdale's NYC is GREAT!!! She is the manager of the Chanel Handbag Dept. Let me know if any of you would like her contact info I will be glad to share.
  6. Maybe she thought when she was specifically asked about the 2.55, that you meant the Reissue which would not be in the purple. Unless they are very knowledgeable Chanel SA's, they normally think of the 2.55 as the Reissues and only know of what you were really after as the 'CLASSIC FLAP' in lambskin and caviar and small (which we know as E/W), Med/Lg (normal size classic flap, & JUMBO. They should be able to figure out what we are asking regardless (vs. make you feel dumb) and if they took some initiative to question further or even heard 'purple', then they should have been able to figure out you meant classic flap and then asked you which size, which type of leather, etc.. We shouldn't have to know 'all the proper lingo'. Sorry this happened to you. :sad:
  7. I'm a new SA myself and sometimes it's hard to remember all the designers and all of their styles and colors. But, if I don't know something for sure, I ask; I don't just say no that doesn't exist.
  8. Xochrissie..u are so tactful & nice.I like u already. As I'm not residing in US..can u help me ?? Do yr stores/boutique u work with..ship chanel products out of US?? Thxs in advance
  9. ^My store does! Christine also works for the same CO I shop at so I bet they do it too!
  10. Yes, Neiman Marcus ships out of the country.