I HATE Chanel, I really really do... So which one should I wear today???

  1. So I get to join the Chanel Club now.... I got my last (I hope) one today and it is just as gorgeous as the other two. Here they are in all their splendor. I am not quite sure as to what the names are, one is a lux bowler in bronze khaki and the same color in the Cabas and the black one is a Lady Braid. I am the first to admit I have no knowledge of Chanel at all but I have decided to sell almost everything I have ever bought to purchase just these three. Enjoy them with me will you!! :supacool:
    DSC02454.jpg DSC02455.jpg DSC02456.jpg DSC02457.jpg DSC02458.jpg
  2. Gorgeous Chag!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great pieces!
  3. Wow chag - simply stunning!!;)
  4. Chag: You have a gorgeous Chanel collection, I love them especially the Lady Braid. Like you, I want to get rid of all my Marc Jacobs bags for more Chanel bags too. =)
  5. Chag, you did good!=)
  6. heheheee!! My husband was like :wtf::shocked: when he walked into the closet and saw all my LV's packed up ready to go their new owners. But it was time for a change :nuts:
  7. OMG! LOVE every.single.one! You have really great taste. Love the title of your thread too haha.
  8. Thanks ladies!! I can't stop looking at the pictures myself! And they are in the same room with me LoL!
  9. Gorgeous! :yes:
  10. Perfect collection, chag! :tup: I love new beginnings, especially in purse collections! haha!
  11. beautiful bags - congrats.
    How about modeling your beauties?
  12. Gorgeous start! I'm sure there will be more, hehe...
  13. Gorgeous pics! Loving the bags you chose!
  14. oh yea!! You're here!! LOL!
    I'm glad you made it over, LOVE the choices!
  15. I love your khaki bowler. Once you turn to Chanel, you ll never turn back:p