I HATE being undecisive........PLEASE HELP!!

  1. okay so I decided that the slim carly is going back.......so are two of the three wallets I got to go w/her.

    Now here's my dilema.........first off you should know (if you don't already) I HAVE to have matching wallets to my bags, can't explain it, just HAVE TO!

    okay so I have two large carlys still NWT and three wallets still NWT. I am trying to figure out what to do with them and which ones to keep.

    I have the angora carly and the parchment zip around sig stripe wallet, they match perfectly.

    I also have the all choc brown carly with an all brown wallet w/the three diff stripes down the front.

    Then I have that beautiful limited edition khaki/brown/pink wallet that desperately needs a bag to go with.

    so here's what I'm thinking...........the khaki/brown carly would match the above ^^ wallet but I really don't need 3 carlys, nor can I afford 3 carlys!!

    so which carly should I keep??? the angora, choc brown or get the khaki brown? I can keep two carlys.

    OR should I just keep what I have and wait till later and try to find my next bag that will match the pink wallet (she'll just be lonely put away in my closet for a while)??


    coaches.jpg pinkcombo.JPG
  2. I think the way you have them set up in your picture is great for which wallet matches each bag BUT I couldn't give up that beautiful LE wallet in the middle if I were you. I'm bummed I didn't order one to match my LE scarf hippie. It's such a pretty wallet :love:
  3. My Slim Carly went back too. I loved it, but it didn't love me. I would keep Angora...Love that color combo.
  4. oh there's NO WAY I'm getting rid of the pink wallet. That's why I'm having such a hard time deciding which one of the other ones to get rid of. The pink one is pretty much the only one I'M ATTACHED TO!!
  5. Oh good! Whew!:lol: I think the LE looks okay with the choc Carly but the hamptons stripe looks better. Personally, I would get rid of the khaki/angora and get the khaki/brown and then keep the choc sig Carly
  6. maybe the above post was confusing. I can keep TWO BAGS w/matching wallets.

    right now I have two bags and three wallets. I am FOR SURE keeping the pink wallet but I don't yet have a bag to go with her. SO I can keep what I have now and wait for a bag to come along to go w/the pink wallet or I can just go get the brown/khaki carly and return either the angora or the choc brown carly.

    what should I do?? WHICH TWO COMBOS SHOULD I KEEP??
    pinkcombo.JPG choccombo.JPG whitecombo.JPG
  7. After looking (and man is that pink wallet sweet!) I really like the chocolate brown with both bags. My vote!
  8. I vote keep Chocolate i just love that color!
  9. In case my previous post didn't make sense (and I wouldn't be surprised as I'm hyped up on caffeine right now) -IMO, keep the choc brown carly and brown hamptons stripe wallet and return the angora and get khaki/brown to go with the pink scarf wallet.
  10. I think the LE wallet looks great with both bags.. but if you have to have them totally match, then I would keep the chocolate bag for sure, and then decide if you would rather have the angora or the chocolate trim.. I wouldn't return the chocolate because then you have 2 of the same style bags in ALMOST the same exact color. just my .02 good luck! ;)
  11. I like these 2 combos best:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. i think the pink wallet can go w the choc carly
  13. You must keep the angora and the chocolate Carlys (or is it Carlies?)!! I would use the scarf wallet with the chocolate carly and put the pink signature scarf on it to tie it all in.
  14. :yes::love:
  15. I agree!