I hate being so fickle...need help!


Which one?

  1. MC Sologne

  2. Denim Neo Speedy

  3. Denim Baggy PM w/Mono Pochette Wallet

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. first and foremost i wanted to apologize to the ladies who have helped me out on my mc speedy thread.:sad::sad::sad: i truly appreciated all your advice. as of now i won't be getting an mc speedy. i find myself trying to justify my half love reaction when i saw one irl this past weekend.:shrugs: i'm worried i'll have huge buyers remorse...so on to the next!!!

    the next options are
    - mc sologne
    - denim speedy
    - denim baggy pm w/pochette wallet (in mono)

  2. Out of those three... I like the Denim Baggy PM. They look so great!
  3. Yessss. I was the first one to vote in the poll. Denim Baggy PM!
  4. Awww .... to bad you won't be getting the MC Speedy .... she is a beauty. :crybaby:

    My vote went for the Denim Baggy PM! :yes:
  5. Denim Speedy....I would die for one!
  6. yeah :sad: when i saw it, i wasn't as excited as i thought i'd be. i tried to play it of as me not liking the color combo, but i think i just don't love it as much. :crybaby:
  7. [FONT=&quot]I have MC speedy is fabulous. I also have denim neo speedy in pink and blue. So my vote is for the denim speedy, it really is a great bag.[/FONT]
  8. Baggy! looove it what colour were you thinking of getting?
  9. love the denim baggy pm!
  10. Another vote for the Denim Baggy!
  11. Denim baggy pm w/pochette wallet!!!
  12. Denim Baggy:love: !
  13. If you like MC then go for the Solonge! So versatile!
  14. I have the denim pm baggy in blue & fushia so it gets my vote:yes:
  15. baggy pm! I'm sure rileygirl and emily them can enable you more lol.