i hate being sick

  1. so apparently i have both a sinus and bronchial infection. i just love working out and i cant when im sick...what should i do?

    also what should i be eating when im sick, the dr. rushed me out of the office to get blood work done so i didnt get a chance to ask.
  2. Hope you feel better soon! Its better if you just try and relax as much as possible so you get better sooner, I have no idea what you should eat, but don't forget to take your vitamins.
  3. As Dancia stated, it's best to recuperate for the next day or so before you go back to your work outs. Your body needs to heal and you need to sleep and rest in order for the body to do this. When my son's and husband are under the weather, I always make sure they are well hydrated. Drink lots of water and hot green tea with lemon and a little honey. You need your vitamin C so eat oranges-juices contain too much sugar. Try to stay away from dairy products. Homemade chicken soup and homemade vegetable broths will also help. If you cannot make them at home try a low sodium version from your grocery store.
    Hope you feel better and relax, there will be plenty of time to workout once you regain your strength.
  4. As tempting as it is to go to the gym, skip your workouts for a few days until you feel better (I should follow my own advice :shame: ). There is no such thing as "sweating it out". That only applies to hangovers :p Your body needs as much strength as it can get to fight the infection, so stay home,get plenty of sleep and rest. Donna Marie gave great advice on what to eat. Make sure you're staying hydrated, very important!

    Feel better soon :heart:
  5. Hope you feel better soon!:flowers:
  6. im definately doing the soup thing...and as much as i despise orange juice i bought some from the store today...thanks for all of the great advice!!!
  7. I've heard that if your illness is from the neck up, it's okay to workout, if it's from the neck down, then definitely skip it. If you're feeling so blech, then skip it until you feel better.

    I know how you feel though. I've had a cold and a bad cough and I haven't been able to workout for a few days. The upside is that I'm coughing so much that my abs are sore, so at least they are getting a workout. Is that an upside??

    I've been taking Emergen-C. I'm not sure if it's helping, but it's not hurting. I also take flonase (prescription) for sinus infections.
  8. im on antibiotics for both the sinus and bronchial infections. its making me feel a little better but i definatley cant work out
  9. Dr rushed you out of the office ???????????

    Time for a new Dr !!!!:shame:

    Yes, definitely NO working out while you are on the antibiotics. You must rest or you won't get better and then it will be even longer before you are able to !
  10. its the university's health services....she was like go, now, go downstairs to get your blood drawn so it can make it for the same day results...

    so i just kinda said...oh ok and now my arms is still in so much pain from the blood draw. i have a bruise from the poke...not cool
  11. Definitely rest up and drink plenty of fluids. When I came down with the flu, I slept for 24 hours straight, and I felt much better the next day. I hope you get well soon! :biggrin:
  12. I feel your pain, girl. I'm sending lots of get well-vibes your way :smile:
  13. i hate being sick too! it really sucks; i dont get sick too often but when i do... boy does it hit HARD!!

    but yeah like everyone said vitamins, lots of liquids, apple juice helps too..

    can i recommend AIRBOURNE? its AMAZING! it contains different vitamins and such that helps keep the cold away. so you take 1 tablet and you put it in a small cup of water and you drink it... you take it at the FIRST sign of a cold... and BAM! the symptoms go away. its worked for me and many others. try it! and feel better!!
  14. I had a upper respiratory infection twice last year. Definately give yourself a couple days to recuperate.
  15. i got the flu afte a flight a few weeks ago, and this was AFTER using airborne for a week leading up to the flight (and including the day of the flight) and when i tried to use it for a cold once it never worked...so im not sure but there must be something in my body that just doesnt work with airborne