I happened upon a Kooba Sale and bought ....

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  1. I was looking for the Vanessa but ended up with the Blake in Black Leather. I do like all the pockets of the Vanessa but the Blake was beautiful and I got it for 50% off!! I am supposed to be on a ban but as I got a good deal and my bday is coming up and I needed a work bag I know DH will be ok with my purchase but ladies I saw that 50% off and caved on an impulse buy of a studded tracy in green. Looks like something will have to make it's way to ebay!

    Oh I put it in the deals and steals section but the sale is at Corsa at the Forum Shops in Vegas.
  2. Great find!!!!
  3. I happened upon that store this weekend in Vegas and got myself my first Kooba! I got the Elisha in Patent Merlot. I had them ship it since it was a little cheaper than paying the sales tax. Can't wait to get it!
  4. Congrats caramom! I got the same purse. You'll love it!
  5. wow, wish i still lived close to vegas,,, id go!!!! i bought a couple of koobas on rue la la cant wait to get em,,, but they werent really the styles i wanted,,, but who knows, maybe ill change my mind when i get em.
  6. OMG, I finally received my Merlot Elisha. It's the most gorgeous thing!
  7. caramom: Congrats!! I've seen that bag in person and the color and shine are phenomenal!!
  8. Congrats caramon! I LOVE the merlot!
  9. Does anyone have an email address that I can use to join Rue La La? I know that Kooba sale was late last month, but I don't want to miss the next one! Thanks!!
  10. ^^^ Hi: If you do a Google search for "RueLaLa" and "invite" you should find one. tPF rules prohibit members soliciting for an invite. For more info on this go to the Deals & Steal forum and see the 'sticky' threads at the top on this subject. : )
  11. i juz ordered my very first Kooba handbag, which is the blue Natasha. i hv been lookin for kindda blue patent handbag for soooo long, i spotted marc jacobs one but how come i ended up with Kooba.....hmmmm dunno but i like my (comin) Kooba ;)
  12. Congrats! Please share pics when she arrives! :yes: