I had turn down 2 toupe Shoulder Birkin in a week. I feel bad..

  1. I was crazily looking for Etoupe shoulder birkin or any shoulder birkin at around July this year, I phoned up lots of stores and left my name.. and all they told me was they are not expecting any shoulder birkin this year..

    Then I got my shoulder birkin at hk in white color.

    then .. on this month, I received a call for the rouge garance shoulder birkin which I turned it down since I just purchased a 30 rouge garance.

    then.. i received another call for etoupe shoulder birkin, I thought about it for 3 days and I decided it is not the right time for another birkin, I cant afford it right now.. So I bravely turned it down.. 4 days later, I got another call from different store for etoupe shoulder again...

    OMG. i feel really bad... it seems like I really should get it.. since the god gave me another chance to buy it ...
  2. Don't feel bad... clearly you are not ready for it... there will be other bags!
  3. If you can't afford it, don't force it!
  4. Dont feel bad.. its a good sign that hermes is taking you seriously and considering you whenever they have something in store :smile:

    Start saving up.. u never know when ull get the next call!!!
  5. Don't feel bad Chloe! I'm sure there'll be plenty of bags for you to choose when you're more financially stable later.
  6. Agree Chloe, there will be other bags for you when the time and the budget is right. No need to feel bad about it at all, afterall they are just material things, of course if you have the money to splurge on another Birkin, then any color is a good color :smile: