I had to switch to an ergo!

  1. Well, even though its not Valentines Day yet, my red Valentines bag is put away for the moment. I just had to use at least one of my ergo totes, and since the pond one is put away until the weather gets a little warmer, I broke out my black leather tote. Here's a shot of the black one, and a family shot of my two ergo totes and their accessories, including the tattersall wristlet that came today!
    ergo set 002.jpg ergo set 003.jpg
  2. i love it all but i especially love the black and white scarf!!! i wish i knew how to tie a scarf onto my bags.
  3. Both totes are sooooooo gorgeous, donnalynn!!!!! I love the scarves and keyfobs you have on them!!!! It really adds personally to already gorgeous bags!!!!
  4. Dang, the more I see that pond patent tote, the more I want to get it!! *MUST RESIST* Hopefully they sell out before I break...

    I love the accessories for your bags and how you dress them up. The tattersall scarf is my ultimate fav b/c it goes with so much!!!
  5. Thanks LA! Thats one of the reasons why I realllllly like the ergo totes - they are fairly basic bags, but can be dressed up beautifully with looking "too much".
  6. Thanks! One of the main reasons why I wanted that bag is because I could just see in my mind how great that scarf would look w/the bag. Thats why I got the tattersall wristlet too! Plus they are fairly neutral accessories that I can see using with other bags this spring/summer.
  7. Oh they are SO pretty! I just love the pond/tattersall combo -- just gorgeous!
  8. \\

    Practice, practice, practice!!! My first scarves were very sad looking, but you do get the knack of it after a while. And believe me, that was not done on the first try!
  9. I love that black and white scarf! It looks so sharp on that ergo!
  10. Thanks! I love that combo too!
  11. Thanks! I think the tattersall scarf was made for the pond bags!
  12. Congrats, both are SO gorgeous... I love the scarves you've paired the bags with!!
  13. Wow both are so beautiful and I love love love the scarves on there! You do a great job making them look so perfect, and they match perfectly!!! :tup:
  14. Thanks! Im very excited to have them!
  15. Thanks! The ergo totes look so good with the scarves - thats one of the reasons I love them so much.